Bitcoin deposits

anyone else unable to deposit via btc

If you’re encountering any issues with depositing, it would be best to contact Customer Service for more information.

I’ve made four Bitcoin deposits I am still waiting for my fourth one to show credits on my account even though it shows credits on my transaction list

@Aavila2411 I’m only seeing three deposits via Bitcoin. I’ll send you a PM for more information shortly

I haven’t seen my bitcoin deposit yet either

I can see that your latest deposit was credited to your account.

I am unable to deposit with bitcoin right now

Apologies for the delayed response, there was an issue with Bitcoin deposits about 2 hours ago, but it was very shortly lived and has since been fixed. Let us know if you’re still having issues.

I deposited from blockchain 6pm yesterday and I still have not gotten credited.
and when I tried to chat with a representative it is not available. In the past I’ve waited for 1hr at the most. But this has been several hours now.

Hey @Joser934, I will take a look at your deposit now and will reach out via PM shortly.

I’m having issues with verification for bitcoin deposits

Yep I am going on 45 minutes since a deposit was confirmed but not posted again.

Whats the deal with Bitcoin deposits??? its taken a long time.

Please reach out via PM if you have a deposit that’s reached 6 confirmations but hasn’t been credited yet.

I’m at an hour an 13 minutes?!?! Where is my deposit?!

@Robinluq1976 Its still unconfirmed in the blockchain network

this is brutal I’m waiting over 4 hours for deposits here and Bovada. I think this is the longest I’ve ever waited for a bitcoin deposit to clear. I have been reading here and a couple other forums that the blockchain has been clogged up. Nothing I can do but wait.

Still looks to be unconfirmed at the moment. Some players have reported that inputting a manual fee rather than the automatic fee can speed the confirmation process up.


My deposit is now on 4 hours without a confirmation. Does anyone know a bitcoin accelerator that actually works

Depends on which exchange you use. I use priority fee on blockchain.

Ignition will generally add your deposit after 1 confirmation. I send from coinbase to blockchain. I wait for one or two confirmations for this transaction (can’t set fee on coinbase). I then start deposit to ignition with priority fee, and it will confirm with 1 transaction within minutes, even though the 3 confirmations from coinbase have not finished yet.

Of course, this takes some experience to realize, hope it helps.