Black jack issues

Has anyone else felt like the blackjack
And table games have been super rigged
It comes to fair playing. I don’t know it’s definitely been a concern I’m having.


I’d broaden that statement to include all of ignition!

I shouldnt wine too much I’m still positive on the deposit/withdrawal amounts but I erased 200 in BJ without a single BJ and few wins along the way.


Yeah. Played like 6 hands. Dealer got 3 BJs, 20 twice. I lost all the hands. That’s normal.

100% rigged. As soon as you try to start betting big when you think it’s running hot you will run into the craziest sh*t you’ll ever see. There’s zero chance that it’s RNG. It’s a setup. I have 100s of screenshots of the craziest hands I’ve ever seen. And the fact this happens EVERY single time I play it can’t be a coincidence. I know all about running cold but It’s impossible for it to run like that everyday.

Well I hope some are still able to have a win lol