Black screen in sit & go

Anyone else been getting a black screen when sit & go tournament starts?? It’s happened to me quite a few times in the last few days. And of course customer service is non existent. I’m diamond tier and was given provisional VIP invite- whatever that’s supposed mean. Says I’m supposed to get fast customer service but I haven’t been able to get anyone on a chat. This site is about to lose my business. I’m tired of losing money because I can’t play in tournaments that I have paid to play in.
Amazing they can be so oblivious to the treatment of the people that pay their wages. If all diamond tier left surely they would feel it. I know we are feeling the fact they could care less about us!!
Moving on to a better site hopefully!!

It happens to me when I play on mobile, not sure about desktop.

Closing my browser and reopening it usually solves it

If you are using the client, this is usually a quick fix. If you are using the browser I would advise you clear cache and cookies and restart the browser.

I see the same issue all the time. Happened to me yesterday in a $7 Jackpot Sit N Go. Usually I can just close the window, then go back to the Sit N Go tab in the client, then hit the “Take My Seat” button. But when I ran into this issue yesterday, the “Take My Seat” button was greyed out and I couldn’t click it. So I basically just lost that $7. I spent 20 minutes with representative on chat explaining to them the issue and asking them to reimburse me, and they WOULD NOT! They said they “reviewed the account and couldn’t find record of a disconnect” which is absolute bs!! So sick of Ignition and their bull…