Blackjack consecutive loss record?

I just hit a new personal record yesterday at 15 straight losses before finally catching a win with my bet being returned. Anyone beat that? Mods must confirm to take lead lol. Also, mods, chat is not working any chance for a free play?

Edit- my bad, didnt know fishing for freebies was not the move. But thank you for leaving my post up, sincerely wanna see thhe record.

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We do not address bonus requests on the public forum unfortunately.

I lost 4500 doubling down until i stopped at 12 straight losses, playing it by the book… Fixed fo sho

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Raising your bet continuously will trigger nothing but craziness. Lol They will set you up for double downs and all sorts of shit only to draw out to 20 or 21. There’s no question BJ is rigged. It’s impossible for the “dealer” to run that hot every single session. The whole site is questionable these days. You don’t see near the amount of big win posts anymore. The forum is flooded with nothing but comments about bad luck and people questioning this site. I used to deposit thousands a week and now it’s maybe couple hundred bucks. I haven’t had any luck in months.