Blackjack is brutal

This is how tonight’s sessions went. All b2b within same minute. Why do I continue to play this rigged game lol.

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At least you started with 50 and finished with110

No I’m a moron and loaded the pictures in reverse order. I started with $200 and ended up with zero dollars lol.


I feel like this one is actually rigged, dealer gets 21 too often. Live Dealer Blackjack is way better, especially with the side bets!

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Yea bj here is definitely designed to only pay out a certain percentage. Obviously the player using basic bj strategy is irrelevant because win is predetermined.

Once that max ceiling of payout is reached you can easily lose 8-20 hands in a row with dealer having 20 or blackjack each time.

I guarantee the casino has never lost any cash one day on bj. I wish it were more realistic


This place is just terrible. Plain and simple.

I ran 43 bucks up to over 900 playing that version of blackjack once. So, it isn’t that brutal. You have to remember as well the deck gets shuffled after every hand so it can seem like the cards run weird playing the online versions but there is so many more hands that can be played this way compared to real blackjack tables. So it can seem like the dealer is on a “hot streak” a lot more than normal.

But, if you feel it is rigged you prob will never have any “luck” playing it…

I agree bro! I thought i was the only one having this happen to me, and i ask myself the same question why do i even play if its rigged? Im quite certain its rigged, there needs tk be a disciplinary committee who oversees these scenarios & rule out if there blackjack game is not ran by RNG ! AND DISCIPLINE THEM FOR CHEATING PEOPLE OJT OF THERE HARD EARNED MONEY

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Yeah it’s def rigged. Idc what anyone says to me. If I’m playing $5-25 bets and losing I can drop the bet to $1 hands though and win a bunch but the moment I try to up my bet to $5+ I’ll immediately start losing again.

I know all about running bad and having some off nights but I’ve been playing blackjack on this site for a couple years and it’s always been extremely hard to win anything significant.

I will say the slots have been pretty good to me lately thankfully but I need to stay away from BJ for sure lol


I have had the same luck happen to me. At best i get a push. If i get 21 the dealer will to and every time i start out with 11 and i hit double down i get a 2 or 3 the same two cards to make it 13 or 14 and the dealer always gets a winning hand. He doesn’t bust. I had 3 winners out of 35 hands.

I figured they would delete that last comment that guy left for being a little too vulgar lol. But he wasn’t wrong. Without a doubt blackjack is rigged. I have so many screenshots of the most ridiculous hands.

I’ve stayed away lately for the most part but got robbed again today. Clearly I have no one but to blame but myself knowing it’s a setup. But you would think that would day it would change but nope. Still same disgusting sh*t everyday. It’s impossible to run that bad every single day.

The amount of 20s & 21s are ridiculous. I played 56 hands today and won 8. Dealer busted only twice. I had 6 double downs where I pulled 21 and dealer got 21 on all 6 as well lmao

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i didnt mention tho that i play the classic blackjack 21 i like it alot better then the version picturede above. it feels more real to me and not as controlled but still yet the outcome is predeterminded. I have also had alot of hands where ill press the hit button and it will freeze for a couple seconds then reload like it registers that i made a winning move and it then goes back to the game where i then have to hit the butto againe to make my call. So it really feels like i made the right choice and the house didnt like it and hit the override does anyone else notice this glitch? please let me know if you do because im wondering if its my computer or the house doing it to everyone??? AAKK>>>

Check out a post I made called “when the lose switch comes on”


Yeah I remember reading that when you posted. So true. That switch is def a real thing and it’s like a vacuum when it’s turned on. It’s crazy how fast it can go when they turn it on

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