Blatanly obvious

Been playing here for over 2 years. I play more poker than slots. However i hit my first decent hit on slots. 2400.00. at the end of April. I was unaware that when you hit a jackpot at ignition, that you WILL NOT win again until they have recouped their money.

I play poker on here EVERYDAY doesnt matter what i have AA. KK, QQ, straight, flush, or full house. I lose. For 2 straight months i play several times a day. Same thing. Ive been dealt the same exact 2 cards, 9d 4c five hands in a row on 3 different occasions. Ive been playing poker for 30 years and i understand bad runs and bad beats. What is happening here goes beyond that. Even when you are in a bad run you will still get a few good wins here and there but thats not what is going on here. This seems to be intentional.

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This simply isn’t the case. The games have no idea if you have won or not, they pay according to rtp and via a rng. We also do have players who win back to back jackpots very quickly.