Bonus died and it wasn’t able to be reviewed

Does everybody record their gameplay? I did for a while but got lazy.
My bonus crashed , and every single other time the bonus returned. This time, it didn’t and I had just retriggered. One of two ever retriggers on that game.

Any sort of complex question usually gets you ignored or bounced around in chat.

I gave the rep a time frame, denom, and game.
1st rep told me give it an hour and log back in. I have someone who is reviewing and will fix.

Next day, I ask for update and no one knew WTH I was talking about.

This went in circles - one rep even said they gave me a 35 dollar x35 rollover as a courtesy- please stop asking about this …. Lol

I finally got thru to a guy- he told that it is not uncommon for a bonus to be lost ——- I can’t believe that to be really true. He told me there is nothing that can be done - and when I asked if I need to record again - he said I unfortunately yes. He gave me like a 35 free play with a 1x rollover . I just gave up —- I was like on spin 3 of 20 —-

I always liked the feel of ignition. With the slots being soo tight and now this —- I really can’t justify how I can continue here - much as I want too.
They have tightened up inferno, fairy wins , and reels xl soo much that I don’t get excited for bonuses anymore. When in the rare case I get a bonus, it’s been less than 10x.

I could attribute the last few months to just the luck of the draw … but it wasn’t this bad before.

Has anyone else ever had a bonus die , not return, and they unable to find it?

I can NOT believe that they can’t find a bonus that was triggered

Now, it’s been soo bad here that all of the remaining 17 spins would have been donuts - but darnit I feel stupid playing here after this. Does ignition read these? I want to keep playing here. I should probably record any slot games I play - moving forward…. But damn … that one hurt

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That’s happen to me twice this past week the same exact thing happen and when I contacted customer service I was told in the chat that they were unable to find the bonuses triggered and not they couldn’t do nothing for me which is ridiculous like the way ignition treats their diamond players is just pathetic!!!

What did ignition switch on diamond players?

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Sorry I meant their*

@dxccdd Can you please advise us when these interactions were? We only see one this month regarding a bonus request.

These statements aren’t true, as we can usually try and locate a stuck free spin bonus.

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I will get the exact dates if you will assist with this. Probably was about a month ago… knowing my luck - gameplay logs wont go far back at this point. I got to imagine you all still have chat logs and such. I feel a little better that NOT finding a bonus is NOT common (like I was told) Maybe you find that I would have won a jackpot - and reward me retroactively :slight_smile:

Yep, definitely happened to me and I got the same response. Except I was playing 777 deluxe on $4.00 spins

That is heartbreaking - did they take care of you? If you are still playing, are you just recording games now?

No they did not, I got a $25 bonus with rollover requirements!! Also I mentioned it here and they deleted my posts!! And yes I was stupid enough to keep playing here and Friday night and Saturday morning I deposited $4k and lost it all! It’s definitely rigged here!! After losing the $4k Saturday morning I called for a bonus and was only offered a $50 bonus but couldn’t play it on poker. Slots only! If that doesn’t tell you it’s rigged nothing will

Sorry Josh, man thats rough. 250 should have been min - ideally with a 1x rollover but could have lived with the 10x. I remember the good old days of a 10x rollover … Probably a year since i have seen one of those. I wonder if that is in general or per person? Do like new people get only 10x rollovers on bonuses or is everyone at 35x?

Either way good luck to us and I am sure they will look out. My only fear is that the crypto dip has tightened up the slots … could just be my paranoia though

Your posts were deleted due to the attacking nature of them and use of abusive language, not because of the situation itself.

I’ve actually found your spin that is still open and have escalated it to be completed. You can PM us HERE for updates.

Damn Foster - Great stuff!!! Wish I knew of the power of the forum sooner!


Did you get to spin it and finish the round, hopefully so! Mine did not and I got screwed over pretty badly! Hope it works out for you bud

Thanks, hope all works out for you too. I will be checking the game x3 times a day … the prospect of having it come thru is soo exciting!

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My deposits the last 7 days!! FML. LOL.
but I did withdrawal $2500.00 but I deposited it right back in. :confounded: