Bonus freeze at start of 1 of 5 spins 4 dollar

Staff. I was playing slot the gnome slot. 4dollar bonus frozen on the start scree. Could u please fix so I can play. Thank you . Did get one spin in the bonus

Please load my bonus staff it wont load, I was on spin 11 of 15 2 retriggers amazing bonus. HELP!!!

Hey @juggi13, I’m sorry to hear that your game froze during the bonus round - you would be able able to return to your session and continue from where you left off after clearing your browser’s saved cache & cookies.

Let us know if you encounter any further issues.

I hit the minimal free spin feature…5 free spins, 2 reels on Dragon Blast $2. Possible decent win on the way…nope…the screen froze and hasnt changed in over 2 weeks. I use Chrome with android and never had this issue. When i tap play on dragon blast…this is what pops up. It was the beginning of my free spin but froze. Its beyond cache and or cookies.