Bonus not applied correctly to my account

Hi, yesterday I hit a royal flush in nlhe cash game today. Hand # is 4212281154 . TBL#25573643 . I emailed bov support and they won’t apply to bonus to my account. I’ve checked the requirements multiple times and my hand has met the requirements… .Basically, my opponent shoved all in on river and i called with my royal flush (using both cards in NLHE cash), so we went to showdown… Ignition said 'The hand does not have to go to showdown. ", which they are arguing that means my hand CANNOT go to showdown if i am to win the royal flush bonus. Whereas I believe its clear that the above quote clearly means that the hand can showdown to win royal flush bonus but also has the option of not going to showdown to win royal flush bonus…This is how it’s like in all the poker rooms/casinos I’ve seen for bad beat bonuses, royal flush bonuses, etc. In fact, I’ve won the royal flush bonus on ignition before by going to showdown…

Can support please correct this and give me the royal flush bonus that I’ve won? Please? Thanks for your time.

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Hi I have checked this and confirmed you did hit the royal flush, and as such were eligible for the bonus. I have added $200 to your account now. Congratulations!


Thanks! I see it in my account. Greatly appreciate your help!

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I made a royal flush on here less than 2 months ago. Had the same exact situation where ignition support said my hand didn’t meet the requirement as it went to showdown. Could you please look into this hand for me? Hand # is 4186830592 . TBL#25215203. They did issue $100 USD as a good will gesture but they said “specifically talking for the Royal flush bonus won’t be applied as the requirements were not met.” When my hand definitely did meet all the requirements. Basically I should have won $200 total for that royal flush but they gave me only $100 instead.

I would GREATLY appreciate any help on this. Thanks for your time.

@TomBilyeu Apologies for this, I have added the reminder of the funds for you.