Bonus Playthrough Calculations Inaccurate?

So I logged in today and saw that I had a bonus of $17.06 in my account with 1x playthrough requirement. I went to play Reels and Wheels XL playing $0.40 spins. I lost $9.90 so now, I have $7.16 in bonus in my account.

When I go to the Bonuses page in my account, I see “Playthrough Progress” only shows 11%.

That doesn’t seem right. I’m not sure where 11% is coming from. If I lost $9.90, and per the bonus terms —Wagering Contributions Percentage Contribution Slots, Specialty Games (unless stated otherwise) 100% — then my “playthrough progress” should be 9.90 / 17.06 = 58%

What am I missing or not understanding here? I tried to ask Ignition rep via chat, but they either weren’t understanding, or just playing dumb. They just kept saying “the system automatically calculates it and it shows you only played 11%”… Which is incorrect. So, to me, it seems like there’s an error in the bonus playthrough calculation.

It is very concerning issue. If bonus playthrough calculations are not correct, that’s a huge problem.


ACTUALLY!! I even went to check my transaction history and on the gameplay details for this “session”, it actually states that I “staked” $19.20. So, I’ve actually completed my bonus playthrough already! Something’s not right here…

12/21/2211:53 AM
Total Amount
$ -9.90
Cash Funds
$ 0.00
Bonus Funds
$ -9.90
Balance Before/After
$ 17.06/ $ 7.16
Staked $ 19.20 / Won $ 9.30 / Returned $ 0.00 / Released $ 0.00

Reels n wheels XL counts as a much lower percentage towards play through. They changed it awhile back.


Oh… I see now. Yes, you are correct. I see in the terms where it says Reels and Wheels XL only counts for 10%.

Video Poker (all types) & Blackjack (unless stated otherwise), Reels and Wheels XL 10%

I’ve done the math and it check out. Playthrough progress is correct (19.20 * 0.10) / 17.06 = 11%

Thanks for pointing that out. Would’ve been nice if the chat agent would’ve known this and pointed that out when I was chatting with them… Oh well. Can’t expect them to know everything I guess…