Bonus Scam- RTP changes based on fund type?

Anyone else see massive wins when they are using Bonus money, only to see it slowly dwindle after 51% of the bonus playthrough? I literally don’t even get excited anymore. And then I have myself hosted currently, which I realized just means extra eyes to screw me. I would love to see my RTP with regular funds compared to bonus funds…


I’m down about 27,500 in the past 2-3 months I believe yet, I cannot get a free play bonus because this bonus funding, that ends up screwing me over, is too close to my actual funding amoutn I am told. I ask you this, why even use bonus funds if they are never coming out? if they are 35x? I refuse to continue to use this site until some sort of free play is issued because it’s simply too damn much to ask that I keep losing into a DDOS’d site without anything for 30-40k like im just made of money?!


I’ve got 12 videos of me being hacked in a Cleo I just don’t want to post them afraid of the retaliation and whatever else may come from it as I’m still owed reimbursements here.We have a small group right now with similar evidence and it’s all mounting to a bigger picture.


LOL. I have always noticed the difference. I still use bonus funds, but now I know not too expect much until I get into them. I have had hits a quarter into the bonus that lasted for a few hours, but infrequently get the bonus cleared. The 35x playthrough is ridiculous in my estimation.

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Like when you are betting big and this shit keeps happening and you basically get told it’s normal and they see the right thing on their end

You are playing right into their hands by taking the bonus promo when you deposit. It’s virtually impossible to get the money off because of the 35x multiplier of your deposit. You would have to hit a sizeable jackpot and play that money down which we know rarely happens if at all on this site. I suggest take no bonus deposits unless the multiplier is 5-10x.

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This isn’t true at all. I’ve cleared that rollover plenty of times, did it again a few days ago.

You think 35x is bad, one of the sister sites has a usual rollover of 50x. Cleared it a few days ago too.

It really just depends on your betting style and luck of course.

I have noticed this all the time. For people mentioning “why do you even do the bonus?” I never do any deposit bonus at all. But when I get cash back credited and bonus or sometimes exchange points for bonus, I’ve always seen the same behavior OP is mentioned. I’ve been meaning to ask the same question myself actually. It’s pretty silly. Although, for me, it usually starts diving right after I actually hit the playthrough. Not 51% of the way through as described by OP. It’s literally win win win, playthrough is completed, then immediate crush. I’ve had multiple times where I’ve completed play through and lost 100+ spins on multiple games. I have seen it so many times, that once I get through the play through, I just stop playing for a couple days. Not that it helps at all lol… They just take it when I log back in next time.

Long story short… There is definitely some flag that is set when you’re playing with bonus funds to increase RTP. I believe 10000%

Slots Lv (Bovada, Cafe, Ignition) is where I really notice it with their 150% bonus. Last week hit for a thousand on a 500x wheel spin, by the time I got the 35x bonus cleared, I had 21 bucks left. And then, a few days later, they changed the 35x to 40x! I have also noticed the RTP change dramatically when one gets into the bonus until around the 50% mark when it disintegrates. Anyone who believes that these on-line sites cannot change the RTP whenever they want to is dreaming. But, bottom line is I keep on playing because I’m hooked on the sites. We all have to remember that there is no “brick and mortar oversight” online. And, in their defense, they have the fastest payout system, when you do hit, in the industry.

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Place is basically useless now! Literally have a loser spin every time I bet over $2. Switch back to $2 win again. Absolutely have changed since the hack, was bad before but not like this!