Bonus Scam- RTP changes based on fund type?

Anyone else see massive wins when they are using Bonus money, only to see it slowly dwindle after 51% of the bonus playthrough? I literally don’t even get excited anymore. And then I have myself hosted currently, which I realized just means extra eyes to screw me. I would love to see my RTP with regular funds compared to bonus funds…


I’m down about 27,500 in the past 2-3 months I believe yet, I cannot get a free play bonus because this bonus funding, that ends up screwing me over, is too close to my actual funding amoutn I am told. I ask you this, why even use bonus funds if they are never coming out? if they are 35x? I refuse to continue to use this site until some sort of free play is issued because it’s simply too damn much to ask that I keep losing into a DDOS’d site without anything for 30-40k like im just made of money?!


I’ve got 12 videos of me being hacked in a Cleo I just don’t want to post them afraid of the retaliation and whatever else may come from it as I’m still owed reimbursements here.We have a small group right now with similar evidence and it’s all mounting to a bigger picture.


LOL. I have always noticed the difference. I still use bonus funds, but now I know not too expect much until I get into them. I have had hits a quarter into the bonus that lasted for a few hours, but infrequently get the bonus cleared. The 35x playthrough is ridiculous in my estimation.

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Like when you are betting big and this shit keeps happening and you basically get told it’s normal and they see the right thing on their end

You are playing right into their hands by taking the bonus promo when you deposit. It’s virtually impossible to get the money off because of the 35x multiplier of your deposit. You would have to hit a sizeable jackpot and play that money down which we know rarely happens if at all on this site. I suggest take no bonus deposits unless the multiplier is 5-10x.

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This isn’t true at all. I’ve cleared that rollover plenty of times, did it again a few days ago.

You think 35x is bad, one of the sister sites has a usual rollover of 50x. Cleared it a few days ago too.

It really just depends on your betting style and luck of course.

I have noticed this all the time. For people mentioning “why do you even do the bonus?” I never do any deposit bonus at all. But when I get cash back credited and bonus or sometimes exchange points for bonus, I’ve always seen the same behavior OP is mentioned. I’ve been meaning to ask the same question myself actually. It’s pretty silly. Although, for me, it usually starts diving right after I actually hit the playthrough. Not 51% of the way through as described by OP. It’s literally win win win, playthrough is completed, then immediate crush. I’ve had multiple times where I’ve completed play through and lost 100+ spins on multiple games. I have seen it so many times, that once I get through the play through, I just stop playing for a couple days. Not that it helps at all lol… They just take it when I log back in next time.

Long story short… There is definitely some flag that is set when you’re playing with bonus funds to increase RTP. I believe 10000%

Slots Lv (Bovada, Cafe, Ignition) is where I really notice it with their 150% bonus. Last week hit for a thousand on a 500x wheel spin, by the time I got the 35x bonus cleared, I had 21 bucks left. And then, a few days later, they changed the 35x to 40x! I have also noticed the RTP change dramatically when one gets into the bonus until around the 50% mark when it disintegrates. Anyone who believes that these on-line sites cannot change the RTP whenever they want to is dreaming. But, bottom line is I keep on playing because I’m hooked on the sites. We all have to remember that there is no “brick and mortar oversight” online. And, in their defense, they have the fastest payout system, when you do hit, in the industry.

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Place is basically useless now! Literally have a loser spin every time I bet over $2. Switch back to $2 win again. Absolutely have changed since the hack, was bad before but not like this!

How is it when you don’t use bonus? At all have you tried that? Just curious

You end up with an average rtp of about 30 to 40%. It sucks either way. The rtp is theoretical anyway meaning it’s not even a real number basically. Also they are basing this theoretical rtp heavily weighed on the deposit bonus. Think about it. If you deposit $100 and they match it and it has a 35x rollover you must wager $7000 to clear it. Let’s say you hit $5000 immediately and on the way back down you win a little and lose a lot. Let’s say when it’s all said and done you won $5500 the way down to zero and you staked a total of $5900. You have an rtp of 93 yet they won 100% of your money not just 7% and you not one time had a chance to withdraw a dime due to rollover. I can’t believe they still openly admit that on average they only make $5 for every $100 on a machine that has an rtp of 95. That is a complete and total lie

How many bonuses are people getting? I usually get one. Ive played through that bonus numerous times. Saying its impossible isnt true. 20x 30x 40x 60x all of them ive managed to win. Ive managed to win 38k off of points before, last years bday bonus, i turned it into 1400.
I understand having a bad streak and being bitter but be honest with yourself

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A bad streak I would consider being 2 or 3 months without winning but two years of losing doesn’t fall into the category of bad streak any longer. Don’t get me wrong I have missed some good opportunities to cash in but chose to ride the wave back to nothing which is not at all ignitions fault however I’m not talking about 3k plus wins or anything like that. I’ve been gambling all my life through bookies, horse tracks, casinos. A few years ago I claimed 48k in jackpots from my local casino and i can tell you right now I lost probably 20k still that year so trust me losing and losing streaks I am all to familiar with but what I am not used to is a casino shutting off all of your perks whether winning or losing. That would be a sudden death trap if they were to stop giving away alcohol, rooms, food and such to regulars. This casino on the other hand just takes it all away. Not sure what they could possibly benefit out of this

I don’t chose a bonus and I feel it doesn’t change anything except me being able to cash out if luck is on my side that day. Its really just like a real live casino, luck of the draw, pick the right game at the right time. there all gonna hit eventually.

did they tell you it a cache issue on your end that’s what they told me I think its their messed up software and should payout what was suppose to be paid out I mean they can making a killing doing people right there’s no reason to screw us.

So, I’ll add my two cents to the conversation. I’ve been playing on Ignition for at least a few years now, and what OP brings up is definitely something that has crossed my mind many times in the past. Whenever I’m playing with “bonus funds”, winning on slots seems to come so easy.

Now, I’m not going to sit here and pretend as though that is always the case. I’m always asking customer service for bonuses, and more often than not, it’s eaten up by the machines without much struggle, I will say, however, Pretty much the only time I’ve ever won on slots, bonus funds were in play. I’m very rarely able to get any substantial wins when playing with “available funds”. Bonus funds, though… The slot machines just hit like crazy. Bonus rounds, Free Spins, mega multiplier wins, all of it (no jackpots sadly) It’s very exciting. But, as soon I clear that playthrough requirement, it’s like a switch is flipped and it all goes to hell. The only times I’ve ever cashed out from this site have been from those times when I hit some decent wins with bonus funds and managed to clear the playthrough with some left over.

Take for instance just these last couple of days. I’ve sat here and played hours and thousands of dollars on the same 2 games (Golden Buffalo & Reels and Wheels XL). It was an absolutely maddening time. Couldn’t win anything. Bonus/Free Spin rounds were few and far between (like 200 spins between), and when I finally did get a bonus, I was lucky to win a few dollars, if anything at all…

Fast forward $1000+ dollars and many hours later, I reach out to customer service and they credit my account with a $105 bonus with 35x playthrough requirement. With my freshly minted bonus funds locked in, I headed back to desert to try and wrangle some of those buffalos. Sure as shit, within 5 spins I hit $100 in the bonus round (betting $0.80). Then a few minutes later, another big bonus. Then more and more after that. They just kept coming. After all was said and done, maybe an hour or two of good winning, I managed to top out at around $1200 before things began to slide. I spent the next few hours running $2 autospins until the playthrough requirements had been met. During that time, I dipped as far down as ~$450, but while the bonus were still active, I kept getting big wins in the bonus rounds to pull me back up. I finally cleared the playthrough with around $700. After the playthrough was completed, it was like I was playing a whole new game. Running $2 spins for around 20-30 minutes it was completely downhill. the biggest win I had was like $50. I’d go 8-10 spins without winning anything at all, and if I did win, it was either less than the bet or just slightly over. Only managed to get a couple of bonus rounds, roughly every 80-100 spins, and those didn’t pay anything at all. All in all, after the playthrough was completed, I spiraled down from ~$700 and decided to call it quits with around $500.

I’m not saying this because I think it’s any sort of concrete evidence that there’s something nefarious at play by Ignition. If there was, I would never be able to prove anything anyways. All I can speak on are my own experiences playing on the site. Honestly, I’ve experienced far too many “coincidental hot streaks” playing with bonus funds for me to completely rule anything out. I’m definitely leaning more towards the belief that playing with bonus funds may improve your chances of winning.

It certainly makes sense, from a business perspective, that Ignition would want players that are using bonus funds (typically newer players) to have success. New players come in, get some bonus money to toss around. Ignition jacks up the RTP when bonus funds are in play, players are winning and feel the slots are soft on this site, they keep coming back. Just makes sense that it’s a possibility they could be doing something like this, and it’s very easily accomplished on the programmatic/technological side of things.

I almost never keep running a game after any rollover is achieved , unless it’s keeps running hot , the only time I can usually keep running it up using my withdrawalable balance is if I log out and come back a couple hours later . You never know how games are gonna run, how many times have you dumped almost your whole bankroll with only a couple pulls left to make a huge comeback? I’ve always been a firm believer in someone’s attitude and energy having a huge effect on games outcomes ( frequencies the person vibrates on). Most people believe the rtp will go downhill after play overs met and that probably has a huge effect on the game actually bricking, myself included. How many times have you been in an angry or sad mood, threw $20 in a land machine or on a online casino and spiked it? I know I almost never have . Any huge wins I’ve had I was already in a good mood before I even played .

Yes we are all noting the recent change. They are draining us before they pull out like a bad porno. Lol. I pray that i see the day that these rodents get stepped on.

They are trying to close my account rn because i spoke out. Lets all fly over to panama and handle this lmao. I just cant stand the way they act. Like we are stupid