Bonus- where are they?

so I haven’t received 1 email or points drop in the entire length having g an account here at ignition. it seems that their promotions aren’t meant for everyone. jut wanted everyone to be aware of my experience.

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I’m with you. I’ve spent thousands and also have never received a points drop since I started here. Not one!

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boycott until you see results. that’s where I’m at.

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not even one that proves what they say is simply untrue. lets hope others can see the truth before wasting time and $. in my personal experience you have a 00.001% chance at a good experience and a 99.999999999999999999%chance at a negative experience. if your a gambler or any human who understands odds why would you accept these odds as the norm?

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also im not expecting any response because ive already heard it a million times. I’m sorry but bonus are at the discretion of the promotions team blah blah blah. what promotions? they same ones you’ve had for 3 plus years lol here’s 2 players who’ve deposited thousands yet somehow don’t qualify for anything whatsoever?

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William has some answers. let me guess your sorry I feel this way but you here to clear everything up lol

@jpearls we will look into this and get back to you via PM

@DDD333 over the past month you have been credited with bonuses at a high percentage of your deposits over the same time period, I can PM you those specific details as well.

im aware of the bonus that I received a few 7$ tickets and maybe 1 freeplay

they equaled into a whopping0dollars

ive also never got a point drop once for emailed 1 promotion you offer to look into the other guys but ignore me

why don’t you do me a favor as a long time customer and pm me something of significant value. like 100 free spins or 50$ freeplay that will be the day.

I PM’d you @DDD333

yea exactly what I expected nothing

Note that the points drop is a random promotion at the discretion of marketing and isn’t something that is guaranteed to be issued at any regular intervals. We can of course provide feedback to marketing in this regard and will but it isn’t something we can provide from our end.

That being said as we’ve PM’ed you @DDD333 you’ve received more bonuses than only the ones you are alluding to above. Note that while the pointsdrop may be random, we have plenty of other benefits like our reward point system, BTC exclusive benefits, referrals, giveaways, poker bonuses, deposit bonuses, etc to take advantage of. You’ve also been given customer exceptions in the past.

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They used to give a free chip after depositing so many hundreds of dollars and they also used to randomly message and say here’s a little gift for you and they would give a good amount of rewards points. They haven’t done any of that in over a year and they don’t ever just give free spins

As part of the Crypto membership; free spins and points are added weekly