Btc points&spins

When will my spins and points be added for last deposit

It indicates that you have already gotten your weekly rewards. Accounts are only credited with rewards once every week.

I received rewards for yesterday’s 8pm deposit which was for last week. I made an additional deposit for the new week that starts on Monday

@moderators . Am I supposed to call now that it has been 24 hours?

Timeframe for the rewards to be credited is up to 48 hours.

Okay. I’ll be back at 1am to ask again then

I’ve been getting my spins and points about an hour after deposit recently, I know it can take up to 48 hrs but why isn’t it applied once our deposit is received and why are the timeframes all over the place, sometimes it’s fast sometimes it takes a full day?!

Well it’s been 49 hours now. Am I finally able to get these benefits applied?

It’s so frustrating to deal with and your absolutely correct. Should be immediately applied with deposit

how can i get pts, spins and a ticket ?

@tpatton2915 It would appear you were issued the rewards on the 8th.

@gorillagloo This is part of the crypto exclusive program, unfortunately you can no longer sign up for this since May.

Please read above thread. I made deposit on Sunday 8/7 at 7:45 and received benefits on 8/8. This was for previous week.

I made new deposit on Monday 12:23a for the new week benefits.

New weeks begin Monday at 12a

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The rewards you were issued on Monday were actually this weeks rewards.
Sometimes if you deposit late on Sunday night they will add the following weeks perks to give you time to redeem them as they would expired before they get used in most cases. I will see if will let me add last weeks rewards for you if they are still available. Please bear with me.

@tpatton2915 You should be good to go now.

is there any new promotion or anything going on then for people who never got to sign up or am i sol

Thanks so much Davy!

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You can keep your eye on your rewards page for anything. The crypto exclusive program is still ongoing but it has just been closed for new sign ups unfortunately.

Sorry to bother again, I did receive the points and spins, but not the 10+1 ticket

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My apologies, I’ve added that for you.