BTC to USD to my bank account

Hi, I’m trying to find a program that will let me convert BTC to USD and then let me transfer to my bank account.

How is this done? I understand going from Ignition to BTC, like CoinBase etc…but get stuck from there.

Thanks in advance.

You aren’t looking for a program, you are looking for an exchange. There are many US facing Exchanges. Coinbase, (I’d avoid right now) and Kraken are the popular ones here.

What you are missing is an intermediary wallet between you and your exchange account. Exchanges don’t want to accept payment directly from popular online casinos, I think it might have something to do with the UIGEA law on the books. The easiest intermediary wallet to use for this site, which requires a new address on every withdrawal is the Exodus Wallet.

In your case, you would want to withdraw btc (although ltc is far less expensive to move around at about a penny per transaction) to your created Exodus Wallet and then send from Exodus Wallet to the exchange of your choice.


Hi @JP1276 , we don’t recommend sending funds from your Ignition account directly to Coinbase. It is always best to use a wallet as the middle man such as Blockchain or Exodus. Then send to coin base however, if the funds are already in coinbase You will need to sell funds to the USD wallet on coinbase and once in the USD wallet you can then withdrawal to your bank account number.

You can take a look here:

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Thank you. I will check that out.

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Thank you again…while I have not done a withdrawal yet, depositing is going just fine. :confused:

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I’ve been having a problem withdrawing from my account here to my wallet because I only have one address code to receive funds in the wallet, and I used it once before… and now Ignition won’t let me re-use it. I thought that address was exclusively mine - like fingerprints…and don’t understand why I can’t use it over again. I sure don’t want to go thru this horror show every time I make a withdrawal…
I asked to provide a different number but it seems they’re ignoring me thusfar. I have a request/case pending… Of course, in the interim I’ve been losing my shirt.
What is itc? I’m intrigued with lowering transaction fees…And Kraken sounds like a good wallet site for me as I love NHL hockey…although I’m a Bruins fan…yeah…they blew the playoffs big time…rub it in Panthers fans…

LTC = LiteCoin

You’ll be better off just using Exodus Wallet that can make new addresses easily. Kraken is an exchange, not just a wallet. You always want an intermediary wallet between here and whatever exchange you use to offboard. Exodus is that wallet.

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What JL said. Within Exodus for the settings of the currency you can tell it to generate a new address after you receive. Been working just fine…just wish I could send it more from here. ha

Thank you for the info…I’m looking at Exodus and there are a few wallet types…i.e; Desktop. Mobile Web3,Trezor etc…I would guess the desktop would suit me but I need to watch the videos before I select one. Thanks again!

Thank you!

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