Can I get a BIG WIN

So I posted a while back about how I got screwed out of a bingo bonus. Always seeing the bad but not the good. So I wanted to let everybody know how much I appreciate this site. And I do! Months ago I hit it for 50 Grand on reels and wheels right after that I got the jackpot on Zeus and a couple more big wins bringing the total to 90,000. I think I deposited 20 bucks that day maybe more hard to say. After that got a call from ignition themselves congratulating me on my win. I really didn’t know too much about the formal thing or I would have shared earlier. Had a hard time cashing out not ignition’s fault so I did donate back into the casino haha.

But to all of you who get to read this before playing at the casino I highly do recommend this casino has its ups and downs what casino don’t but between the games and the customer service this is always been a good place for me to be. It’s not every day you can say you put 20 bucks into a casino and walked away with $90,000

So good luck to all you sinners :rofl: and thank you again ignition casino