Can mod explain difference

Can mod explain the difference between Player Transfer and Voucher please?

A player transfer is a direct transfer of funds from one account to another.
A voucher is a code that is given to the player with is making the withdrawal, can can then deposit using that code at a later date or pass the code on to somebody else to deposit.

For example…. If I win 10k that means I could make 10 vouchers of 1k each and sell them that way on the forum?

Each voucher would have a unique code that comes via email? Then anyone can redeem this voucher by simply entering this code and there is nothing else to it?

I’d advise you make smaller vouchers as they will likely sell quicker.
But yes, that’s basically how it works.
They pay you, you give them the code, they deposit using that code.

Okay thanks for that advice. However in essence the only difference really between the two is that with a voucher it’s kind of like saving a piece of the pie for a later time is what I’m gathering?

It would be much easier to just sell using player transfers because amounts can be manipulated?

You can withdraw a voucher of any amount, so I could pay you $22.50 for example and you could withdraw a voucher for that amount as soon as you receive payment You don’t actually have to have vouchers sitting in your top draw so to speak, it can be done on demand.

Got it! Now I understand much better. Thanks Davy

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