Can not find weekly free roll

I have the tickets, but the free rolls are not listed in the client nor website. @moderators, there is no way I can register. I have a ticket that expires 10/2, why is there no freeroll? I see the depositor and Social Media one.

We’ll check on this now

@FutureInsights Just to confirm, you’re talking about the free roll that took place last night and the next one is next Thursday?

@Matt yes

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What’s the difference between Bitcoin depositers freeroll and weekly freeroll? Am I missing out on another freeroll?

They are separate tickets, and I can see you have been receiving both @Gremlin

Same here. The Weekly Freeroll is not in the lobby, even with all filters off.

@Berferd are you referring to the Weekly Ignition Rewards $2,500 Freeroll if so, that is in your account.

I’m not referring to the ticket. I’m referring to the tournament itself. It’s not listed in the lobby.

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It’s likely not been put up yet as it doesn’t run till Thursday.

That would be a change. They have consistently been in the lobby more than a week in advance. On several occasions I have registered for both the current week’s freeroll and the following week’s freeroll at the same time.

We’ll notify the poker team here to make sure it’s available Thursday, but it’s likely just been pulled for technical/maintenance reasons.

I have been receiving both but only playing one. Thought they were the same thing, I have never seen the Bitcoin depositers freeroll listed. What day and time does it run?

The Bitcoin depositors free roll runs today. (Sunday)

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@moderators @Matt my freeroll ticket expired before the cut off.

I still can’t see the free rolls for the only ticket I have.

This is the freeroll Thursday freeroll for chrome level and above. This is really screwed up, I would like compensation for the tickets (3) that either disappeared or will be expired because of this glitch. Unless, you can come up with WHY this is occurring. Doesn’t seem like you folks are on the ball here.


We’ll escalate to ask why the tournament isn’t showing yet, but your original escalation was on Friday, or a day after last week’s tournament had already ended so it’s hard for us to see if the tournament wasn’t listed at all for you last week.

It isn’t as of yet showing this week, but again it should be up before Thursday for sure. I’ll try to have more details on a specific post date today and once up ask if it’s visible for you.

I agree with the OP. In the past, the next week’s freeroll was available for registration before the current freeroll was completed. I, too, have routinely registered for 2 consecutive freerolls. I believe there must be a daemon or something like that responsible for scheduling this tournament and it died.

why we cant see that tournament,or it will be visible on Thrusday?

We’ve reached out to our team and it should be up tomorrow

@Matt and @Foster, thanks