Can someone share what games are hitting good or not hitting

Reels and Wheels seems to be hitting somewhat… Just a warning…DO NOT PLAY Year of the Rabbit on Hot Drops… That game burns thorough money like crazy. Even when that pot fills with gold, don’t expect it to mean anything. And as far as Scatters… Forget about it. Hope others will share games they are hitting, or that are ice cold…

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I can’t win to save my life. On anything. Just another week of watching a dumpster full of my money burn here at ignition…

A few days ago, this was the first time playing this game, tilted from poker tourneys but got back losings and more. But days went by, lost it all back and I’m retiring from slots for about the 10th time.

Back in January

Back in December

Maybe should just play once a month, slots are addicting and seems impossible to win consistently.


Why tf these games so glitchy all week…this I cleared my browser and all that and the games have been ducking super glitchy….I want compensation for it :weary:

That is a great hit on Mystic Wolf. I have hit the random jackpot a few times, of course that was early last year. Just as all slots up here, they seem to have gone to crap. That is a solid hit…Thanks for sharing it!!

Nice hits. Yes, win a good amount, but doesn’t last long. Hard for me to quit once I have won… Seems R&W XL was hitting strong in mid to late Dec. Then they went to crap. Thanks for sharing those. I had some good luck on XL a few nights ago, but lost most of it back on other games

Yeah, I was playing Year of the Rabbit on Hot Drops and blew through about $650… The jackpot gold pot was full, so should have hit soon and lost connection…My internet was fine, but game went to spinning out of control and lost connection… Went back and had to start all over. I will not be playing it again

I feel ya

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Tell me about it….

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