Can’t withdraw crypto

So I’m getting the “One of your recent crypto deposits has not been fully confirmed. You are unable to request a withdrawal at this time. Please try again later” message. What’s the deal???

Hi @Traxxx461, seems like you have one pending crypto deposit. When there’s a pending deposit the system will not allow to withdraw until it’s cleared.

If you’re still having the same issue I’ll check this for you.

Made a withdrawal request via BTC. Ignition processsed it and issued the payment. Transaction was sent but has not been confirmed and now it’s been over 4 days!. This is since they used a max sats / vbyte of 77 for the transaction, when the current fee is approx 200-500 sats/vbyte. Contacted customer support multiple times, but all I get are platitudes.
What will it take for Ignition to simply use the RBF to increase the fee, so I get my money soon. This is starting to get a little concerning for me…


I see your withdrawal was already credited to your wallet. Please confirm.

today, after 6+ days, the transaction finally confirmed on chain and I see the money in my wallet…thank you (?)

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