Cant cash or deposit check I received

lol your bank sucks
i think you have to just deposit it and not cash it then it works.
open up a new bank with the check if that one doesnt take it.
(my bank will not take the check through the atm i have to walk it in.)
btw i am just a player not any ignition rep

@Wulfman73 As its an international item; check cashing places will not usually accept these.

I’ll have a look into this and send you a PM shortly

Wow, never had any issues from either of my banks cashing (teller or atm deposit) an Ignition or Bovada check. This is one area they get 5 stars on. I understand its considered “international” but its drawn on a bank in Canada, not Zulu FFSakes, its not like it says “online gaming” on the front either! Out of curiosity, what banks are you doing business with? Considering the enormous amount of business/transactions done online these days a “refund” from anywhere is possible as is payment for something you may have sold online. I would switch banks immediately, get one that understands the global online environment that exists today.

I requested a check for withdrawal and received it no problem but my bank wasn’t accepted the check unfortunately.
How do i go about canceling the check to have the funds come back to my account so i can then withdraw using bitcoin or another method instead.

Thank you

@Naregm I’ll send you over a PM shortly

I submitted a withdrawal by check and I have not been able to get anyone to cash it. I contacted Ignition customer service and asked for my funds to be credited back to my account. They replied finally after several attempts and told me I needed to submit a picture of the front and back of check marked rejected by my bank and submit a letter from my bank stating why it was rejected. I did all of this immediately and Ignition responded by saying that I need to now submit it to Slots.LV and they will assist me. So I submit it to Slots.LV whoever that is and they respond by saying they can’t help me. By now I am quite frustrated and feel like I am getting the run around because you cant call anyone and they don’t respond via email and when they do they just copy and paste the same response that doesn’t resolve anything. My next attempt of contact was through Ignition chat and I was told to submit to documents to Ignition via email again to the same email I previously was given to their service department and I have not gotten a response yet and its been over a day. I contacted chat again and tried to explain my situation a and they told me I have been given the wrong email by Ignition support multiple times and he apologized and gave me another email address > I have once again submitted the documents to this email and still have gotten no response. Am I getting scammed here? Has anyone gone through this before? This check was for a good amount of money and I am starting to feel that this won’t be resolved as they promised…Help?

@SonOfGus I’m sorry to hear about this. I’ll have a look and send you a PM shortly

bovada never scams just sounds like bad customer service

the forums are great for customer service compared to any other way imo

Matt the moderator started helping me immediately…fingers crossed!


I put some money in on this casino won 250000 the next morning it was at 170000then I tried cashing out 20000 so the first 3000 check came back and I couldn’t cash it cause they couldn’t read the print on it so I sent the check back n they charged me 40$ for taking the check back then they issued the money back plus another 3000 which they specifically said the other check would still be mailed out …so they issued the 6000 back to my account and I started playing and less the ten min it was gone don’t waste your time and money on this crooked ass casino they will just rip you off. I never received any actually cash from anything I tried cashing out on

Depending on the financial institution and as we’re an international company, they may have a hard time accepting international items. Once somebody is having difficulty with depositing a check, we make sure to remove this option because if it isn’t accepted the first time, the next check won’t be any different.

For this reason, we offer other alternatives in these cases to withdraw your funds.

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For anyone playing this in the usa i was wondering how to be able to cash a winnings check. My bank wont honor it and i wondered if anyone had any suggestions. Thanks in advance

Hi @Agilson12,

I will send you a PM shortly.

Hi, my bank also would not accept my check and I am not sure what to do please help, thanks.

Hi @pagejac we’ll send you a PM

I I’m in the same situation. The check I received cannot be deposited and will not be honored by the bank. So how am I going to go about getting my withdrawal. What’s with all the PMs Can somebody just explain what to do here?

If you attempted to cash the check with a teller, I advise to re-deposit the check via ATM.

You shouldn’t scan the code but place it in the envelope and then in the ATM machine directly.

This will avoid any issues with an unrecognized routing number.

If you already tried depositing via the ATM you can of course try the teller.

Alternatively, you can endorse the check to a friend or family member and have they try to deposit on your behalf.

If none of these options are working for you, the last option would be for us to do a stop check for you.

This would likely result in the check option being removed from your account in order to prevent any repeat of this issue, and a stop check will also incur a $40 fee.

ATMs have not used envelopes for deposit in over 20 years. So I want this check returned you guys are going to charge me $40 and already charging me $100 for this check that I cannot cash doesn’t seem right. Why offer a withdrawal through check if the check is really no good. And who wants a voucher or a or a trade or a cryptocurrency. I put in cash I should be able to get cash back. Something is very wrong here

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Most large banks that accept international checks will take it, we don’t have many issues with checks generally.