Cash app Bitcoin withdraw

Just wanted to know if I can with draw to my cash app wallet?

Hey @aksangasy,

As an extra layer of security, we always recommend that you withdraw your funds to a wallet first before sending them to an exchange.

You can find a list of recommended exchanges and wallets here.

Yes I made the mistake of transferring directly from my cash app Bitcoin account to my ignition account. As a result my cash account was frozen. I wish I had known better to use a third party crypto account earlier. I use my Cash app account for everything from Lyft discounts to groceries. Having my account frozen has caused tremendous grief, not to mention it has affected my ignition deposit frequency. I was referred to ignition from a friend whom used to same method of deposit as he taught me. Please be advised that if you do not use a third party crypto wallet in between you risk having your account frozen and could cost you thousands of dollars the way it has cost me. Smh :pensive: if only I knew…

I’ve cashed out loads of times over the course of a year or 2 straight to cashapp and every now and then I’d use an intermediary, but about a month ago my cashapp account was closed due to an undisclosed violation… I’m assuming it just caught up with me.

Lesson learned the hard way