Cash game buy in gone

Was trying to load into a cash game but was stuck at 99%. My buy in has disappeared and says I haven’t cashed out of the table under transactions. Anyone know a quicker fix then going through the help center?

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This happened to me except they drained $200 worth of buy ins and add ons. Last time this happened (last week), it was just $10 buy-ins and they eventually came back to being cash-outs. NOW they are being processed as ADD-ons so there won’t be a cash-out transaction for this. Very furious.

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lost 150 from a cash game i was in… still hasn’t been added back

Same. I seem to have lost 3 buyins at 2.50/5 zone. it shows that I bought in 6 times in 5 mins.

Mods you fixed this for me last week when it happened. Please fix again. and why is this happening?

@liam_mcd Cash outs do take a little while to credit sometimes, but I believe this was now sorted.

If anyone is still missing funds send us a PM and we can take a look for you

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@Davy who should I PM? I’ve reached out to support via email and tried to get in a live chat multiple times. My account has lost nearly 25 buy ins at $0.25 NL. The cash outs are visible in My Account Dashboard but the funds haven’t been added.

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I’ll PM you now.

I was able to get the account to 200 dollars from one deposit before it randomly started withdrawing money saying i was opening cash games which i wasn’t and the cash games never showed up and cash games still don’t work for me (loading to 99% but never entering), I was wondering if my account could be credited the 205 dollars that was taken out of it randomly, thank you for your time!

Same dude. Waiting on 275 to clear back to my account. Ignition needs to close the fake lobbies but I assume this is the prime target of the DDos attacks now. DONT PLAY CASH. Moderators please reload me so I can withdraw. Too sketchy rn


Hi, im missing 30 dollars as of right now for some reason its buying me into a game I tried to play hours ago and I guess the 30 (3 10 dollar cash game buyins) is stuck on the table so.ewhere

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I played 9 handed $0.50/$1 & $1/$2 Cash just under 3 hrs today/Logged out just before 4 pm CT. Logged back in just after 6:30 pm CT. I was missing $1,200 on my account. Since then (about 35 min) buy ins have been added back to my account in $40 increments. Still missing $800

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missing $2,000

Funds are still being added back to accounts.

Just send me some free play im sick of all of this.

It is not sorted for me. My withdrawal was canceled and money was used on casino and poker while I was logged out waiting for my withdrawal.

Some has been returned but not all and more keeps draining.

Did u get to withdraw?

The first time it happened I straight went to withdraw when it was returned but the withdrawal was canceled and more funds were drained.

I have tried multiple tickets and forum threads but still no luck.

Funds from buy ins are being credited, there is just a delay right now due to a backlog.

When is this shit going to be fixed??? Absolutely ridiculous that this is now been happening for 3 weeks straight!!! Ignition wake up and fix the freaking problem!!! This is absolutely ridiculous that y’all have not fixed anything yet!!

It is in the process of being sorted.

WHEN??? It’s been in the process for 3 weeks. That means nothing. This is going to be endless.