Cash Games won't load unless on mobile internet

Cash games won’t load on client or web while using home internet but will work when using your phone as a hot spot. Hopefully this gets fixed quickly as I imagine most won’t bother to go the phone route.

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Hi @MrWhiskers,

Welcome to the Community, thanks for your contribution.

I’ve tested the site on a computer and it’s loading properly. I’d recommend you clear the cache data as well as reset the modem which would help with clearing up a stale server connection.

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i remember reading a post from a mod stating that they are not allowed to have poker accounts…

I don’t have a Poker account however I’m able to test the system to verify if we have connection issues.

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how long did you stay in that cash game to test if it worked?

We can test the application to ensure that it loads; however getting into actually games it not something that we do.

Can you reach out via PM with your ISP and your IP address from your home connection?