Cashier asking for new LTC address


I tried making a withdrawal using my exodus wallet and pasted my exodus wallet LTC address when asked. Ignition then said it sent a verification text to my cell phone but nothing came through for over 30 minutes and by that time I had closed and restarted the app to try again. However, when I tried to put in my LTC address ignition said i needed to use another LTC address because that one had already been used. I can’t find a way to get a new exodus LTC address… what can be done?


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Yeah this is annoying… i did a quick search to see if exodus has the option, but they only generate new addresses for btc. There is a wallet on play store that i found that u can generate new addresses… (had this issue myself) and then just send to exodus. “Free wallet for ltc” or u could send yourself a small amount of ltc if u have a dif wallet and then u will get a new wallet address. :man_shrugging:

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Yep, been there before. You have to go make a small deposit to Exodus using that same address in order to get a new address. Total BS that Ignition makes you do that when it is obvious you were unable to get the withdrawal done initially

Hey Jeremy and lordjoyner,

Thanks so much guys, I really appreciate your help. So I just have to get anyone to send me some amount of LTC and then exodus will generate a new LTC address the next time I use it?

Use Electrum-LTC. You can use it to generate as many addresses as you need for withdrwawals.