Cashout - Zone Game: payout not added to balance

I finished playing and won. When I checked my cashout I can see the line item with my winnings but my balance didn’t change. I can see a different cashout was paid but not this one. Can you please check on this? 11/6/23 at 3:42 PM


Please try clearing your cache and cookies in google chrome and try again. It should update.

Okay, I cleared cache in Google Chrome and restarted app. I went to account dashboard and still the same. Two winnings transactions were not added to my account. Two other winnings transactions were added to my account. So seems like this issue happened twice. See attached screenshot. Thanks.


I have checked on this for you however, I am not seeing that you won that game at 11/6/23 at 3:42 PM. What you did earn was reward points which was credited to your points balance.

Please let me know if your balance has updated for you.

Okay, I misunderstood that. I was looking at the points balance. Thanks for explaining.

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It’s not a problem.