Cheating /stalling in the 33 plo8 3,999

The structure of the 33 plo8 3,999 guarantee was just recently changed to 29 levels of late register . What is happening is 10 or 15 people are registering at the last second .They all get put on the same table and every player uses their entire time bank. I watched one hand on this specific table take 10 minutes for one hand . Can you please only allow late register for 25 levels in this tournament to stop this insane tactic of cheating or ban these late register stallers . These late reg stallers are making this tournament not enjoyable at all . .Another thing that needs to be fixed in this tournament is the starting blinds.10-20 blinds is way too low for 99,000 starting stack. The blinds should start at 250-500 minimum. The first 2 hours of this tournament is almost meaningless. Thanks for your consideration.

Thank you for the feedback, we will pass this on.