Check your transaction history

Today i made a deposit and started playing Wheels and Reels XL. I started off by betting .20 cents a spin and was doing okay, then i moved my bet up to $1 a spin and i auto spin every time i play cause i feel i win more often than when i dont auto spin. So i dont always pay attention to every spin because i play on my phone at home and get distracted. Well as soon as i started betting $1 i noticed some glitching that hasnt happened in a long time. So now nothing is hitting and my money is gone faster than it should have been and im like wow what the hell. So after losing sessions i like to look at my game play in my transaction history and thats when i noticed that i was being charged $3 a spin and in Wheels and Reels XL theres not even an option to bet $3 so i was like wtf. I took screen shots and contacted customer support and showed them my screen shots and explained my case to them. Now customer support did a great job until she told me that theres nothing on her end that shows this happened. My responce was well i have proof that says otherwise with these screen shots and my transaction history still shows that it did happen. So Ignition i did everything yall asked me to do and didnt get heated when i was told that it didnt happen even with proof that it did happen so everyone if you feel like something is off and you dont know what it is, always check your game play in your transaction history and get screen shots to prove your not lieing and trying to scam them.

Anyone that know Wheels and Reels XL knows that there is no $3 dollar bet.

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Seems like this has been reported by CS, once this is resolved, you’ll be contacted.

I was contacted and even with physical proof of what happened and after clearing my cache and restarting my phone my transaction history is still the same and they ruled against me basically calling me a liar. I deposit with Ignition Casino almost everyday over $100 and ive lost countless amounts of money and they dont want to refund $14 of mine that everyone can clearly see happened is total BS!!! Maybe theres not something wrong on my end but maybe theres something wrong on your end Ignition Casino. I dont see how much more proof yall want but ive lost all trust in you guys and every player beware cause this has probably happened to others and not just me.


This is likely a display error or a cache issue.
But the correct amount was deducted from your balance each time.

Yep. I was betting $4 a spin and buy it says $20. According to support, my last spin wager was for $11 and 20 something cents. How is it even possible for me to bet $11 and 20 something when $11 and 20 something isn’t even a amount that can be wagered? Lost over $200

What i dont get i we show them proof that this happened and send them a screen shot of our transaction history and they cant even show us proof on there end and expect us to believe them that every thing shows up fine. I sent them clear proof and still they call us liars instead of making the situation right. Thats not right by no means and thats not how you treat your loyal customers thats have spent a lot of money with them. And its only $14 not like its $1,000.