Community Recommendations

Hello @William . I saw that you commented on a fellow players post and asked what they would like to see in the community. Here are some of my recommendations. What are your thoughts?

1.) Monthly listings of huge jackpot winners (not sure why we stopped)

2.) Cross promotions with your social media departments like twitter/ instagram.

3.) The most obvious thing such as contests, free spins, giveaways, community exclusive bonus codes etc.

4.) Somehow reward players for using Community Marketplace. We certainly need more buying/ selling posts. Traffic is extremely low here for that. Maybe even a tutorial video on how to use it?

5.) More spread out coverage from Moderators. We sometimes go 8 hours without moderator then all of a sudden at 3am there are 3 moderators.

6.) Maybe some sort of “welcome package” for new users to the community. I would like to see more interactions between community members. We need more people here.

7.) Maybe create a survey for community members to take to see what they want out of this community. Give out a $5 reward to each person who participates with a high rollover. You would get a lot of participants for that and you can see how your members are feeling.

8.) I notice many posts get lots of views, but hardly any comments. Maybe place some emphasis on the badges for community members and how they can earn them. Maybe that encouragement will make them react more.

9.) Add additional icons such as a thumbs down :-1: . Even it is a negative reaction it will encourage more users to interact. Not everyone feels comfortable putting emotions into words.

That’s what I came up with so far after 10 minutes. I know I could come up with ALOT more. What do you think?


I think your suggestions are spot on so far didnt even know anything about badges or commenting or any of that still dont except that you mentioned that but a little customer appreication could go a long way im feeling that very strongly underappreicated for my loyal customer depositing


Thanks so much for your response @Annieeastwood ! I wish they would implement some of these recommendations or at least review them with some degree of seriousness.

Unfortunately as you can see there is no moderator input here so it is unlikely that these recommendations will go anywhere.

You are absolutely correct that we should be rewarded for being a part of the this community as well as being a loyal customer

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Well i really liked your suggestions i think they were not to much to adk and they will help inform and insentivis customers so hopefully more people will get involed and maybe they will listen because so many it sounds like are dissapointed with this place lately

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They were only made to help improve the forum experience for everyone. As you indicated the forum is a complaint department essentially. But there isn’t anything exciting or other things to distract players.

If people felt a part of something or at least felt rewarded in some way, there would be less negativity