Crypto Deposits can’t be trusted

I made a deposit using Bitcoin Cash 11 hours ago and still not showing up. The transaction was completed and had 6 confirmations. I have been on chat with ignition 4. times today and still am getting no resolution. I’m told the deposit is there with correct amount of confirmations but it just hasn’t finished all the way yet. WHAT?? Ignition has my money according to blockchain but refuses to credit my account. PLEASE HELP!!!

They are too worried about the gum ball 3000 to care about their site or their customers.

We sure are getting quality updates on what’s happening with the gum ball 3000 though


You got to have priorities. The gumball is a pretty big deal. To whom I have no clue but it must be

@moderators … any answers??? 6 hours and 37 minutes still with no deposit in my account…

After entering a fourth chat of the day with support and giving them pictures of my transaction on blockchain that I’ve been waiting on for over seven hours now I was merely told my situation has been sent up to financial already and I would have to wait to hear from them via email. Of course no email from them yet. Shocking!

Where/who do I take this matter to next?

@erob68 All deposits are being reviewed and check. I have also personally sent yours to my team too as I have for others so make sure its handled as quickly as possible

Thank you for getting back to me