Crypto deposits

Anyone else having trouble depositing with crypto when I click on cashier the screen is blank with error message up top

We are unaware of any issues, can you please send a screenshot if this is still happening

Whenever I click on cashier this error comes up

Does this happen on all devices? can you try something other than this PC and see if the same error comes up?

It only happens on my pc but I usually only play on my pc it’s the easiest way to deposit and withdrawal

This does seem to be an isolated issue as I’ve never seen that error message before. are you sure there isn’t a block on your end. Is this perhaps a work PC that might have restrictions or something?

No block on the pc , I’ve used it exclusively for ignition for last year or so

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Ever since the site has had problems this error message won’t let me do anything past clicking on cashier

Just to clarify this is only on the cashier as well? All other parts of the site work?

Yes only when I select cashier, so I’m unable to deposit

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I’ll escalate for you now.

Can you just PM us with specific device information for this:

Time and Date of the incident (ET):
Browser(s) used:
Operating System (OS):
Internet Service Provider (ISP):

8:11 am comcast internet windows 11

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This has been escalated, it will likely take 24-48 hours at least for a response.

Ok thanks :relaxed:

I can describe having nearly the exact same issue part 5/22. When the poker client sends me to the cashier I get the same message. I just go to the website directly and log in there and it seems to be a viable workaround.