Crypto needs an updated system!

I wish they could get a better conversion $usd-$mtbc. The mtbc value should be able to fluctuate with the market. The way it is now if btc is up then your company value of 1 mtbc might be equal to say 600$ usd but if it goes down then its worth say 300$ usd . When really u all need to make it where 1mtbc is always worth a set amount of usd$. So they if value of the btc shoots up or down u would just have more or less mtbc. But the way u all have the system set now btc could go up 100k and a player min bet would = 100$ usd- but only betting .2o mtbc. when a player bets .20mtbc it should be = to ,20 in usd also. But right now i think .20 mtbc is like almost 20+$ usd. which is like way to darn much for a min bet. because some of the slot games (bunch) are .40 mtbc min bet. which is fine at 40 cents but with your system it is like .40 mtbc = almost $50 in American cash. How is a blue collar worker supposed to afford betting like that? especially as volatile as Ignition slots are set! Ignition has a lot of good aspects but needs a fix to your crypto system. I suggest maybe looking at how some of the other casino do it. Stake has a really great system u could look at. Unfortunately Im not allowed to play there. Your crypto system is holding u all back ! Because i would be a huge fan and promoter for u all if only you could get the crypto issue solved. Because i can vouch that u all will pay out. I cashed out 9.5k awhile back. But btc value is to much now to work on your current system. I hope i worded good enough to get my point across. I’m just an O’l plumber so plz look over bad grammar ! lol