Crypto Pending Withdraw Question

Can any forum members or @moderators help with a quick question:

I have a crypto withdrawal pending which is likely held up bc of installment timeframe and already having withdrawn with the same currency within the last day. Am I able to cancel the pending withdraw and then request a new withdraw from a different currency not recently used (without issue or hoop jumpin’)? The new withdraw would be the pending $ I canceled as well as addtl $ on top of that (had a few solid days of gamblin).

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I was told Sunday after ranting about a withdrawal you can only withdraw 1 time per three days per coin. So yes you can cancel and withdraw with another and have it go out much faster.


I just read your other post about withdrawals, I am an idiot. I blew through thousands because I couldn’t wait 3 days to request another withdrawal. I won a jackpot, cashed out most of it and left $500 to play with. I built that back up to more than the jackpot I had won. I couldn’t control myself for 2 days, and blew it all. If i knew I could have withdrawn with another crypto, I would have cashed most of that out too. I thought you could only request 1 withdrawal per 3 days, I didn’t know it was 1 payment method per 3 days. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I guess I am happy I know now.

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HAHAAH that’s exactly why I’m doing it. If it makes you feel any better most (if not all) of us have done that more than once. Large wins just feed the urge to push to that next tier of higher wins.

It’s easier said than done but I just stared to treat those type of losses as part of the overall gambling experience and inherent risk that comes with it. It helped keep me from beating myself up too much. However I’ve found that setting an upper and lower cash out threshold on a hot streak is a more rational decision, and TBH more gratifying.

EG - You win $2k on a few hr hot streak and decide to start inflating your bet size. I’ll set my lower @ $1.5k and upper @ $3.5k.

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Even with a different crypto currency i haven’t withdrawn with I get the below message:

“You currently have a withdrawal request. In order to withdraw, you must wait until it is processed.”

Does it allow you to cancel the prior or the option missing?

@DetroitShadows Yes you can, but the funds are scheduled to go out today, so it might be worth you just waiting this time, but for future reference you can do that.

You’re definitely right. They gave me 40,000 ‘inconvenience’ bonus miles last week and I traded them for 2 $20 jackpot sit n go tickets. Within one hour, only playing sit n go I believe, I got that up to $1400. I should have set a limit and cashed out 1000 and left myself 400. You would assume if one turns 40 free dollars into $1400 in one hour, one could turn $400 into 14,000. haha, not. I lost it all with that ‘push to that next tier of higher wins’. I will start thinking about setting limits I think, hahaha.


Yeah you def should. I’d be lying if I told you I stuck to it EVERY time but I make sure to not let myself run large streaks into the ground. It’s emotional and financially deflating :balloon::gun: