Crypto Withdrawal question MOD HELP PLZ

requested $1600 via litecoin today at 2:41pm central after reading bad reviews about current bitcoin withdrawal confirmation time lines

have been following twplustwo payout thread and players have requested after me have already recieved there withdrawals so im fairly tilted…

have contacted live chat multiple times who say 24 hours, and that payouts are processed in order they are recieved (obv not true if you follow the thread on 2p2)

any tips hints suggestions, what to say to CS in live chat so they actually help instead of copy and paste worthless trash?

Thanks guys!

Hi @Sfritz80,

I’ve checked on the withdrawal and it shows that the funds will be released to your address in the next 12 hours.

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I dont understand why they cant just release it now? i have a friend who is a lot higher tier than me and actually got me on this site and he said his crypto withdrawals never take more than a few hours, mostly under an hour… Sunday is my only day to trade/move crypto for USD so its so tilting that i cant take care of it now when i will be working the next 5 days 12 hour shifts and crypto will likely swing and lose me money again…

I am trying to figure out how to PM you but maybe you can PM me

Is there anyway you can expedite this for me like within the next hour? It has been 8 hours now… 2p2 users are reporting average of 3 hours… :frowning:

@Sfritz80 We do not expedite withdrawals I’m afraid. All withdrawals are subject to a review time of up to 24 hours.

I made a withdrawal for $50 and it said it processed, but I am yet to receive the funds…

I’ll PM you shortly.

Is there a reason why there is no Bitcoin cash withdraw option? Adding it would be great.

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@LennoxWay This is account specific at the discretion of the payments team, not all accounts will have the same options to deposit and withdrawal

I’ve wondered the same thing. Strange it is a deposit option but not a withdrawal option?

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