Declined deposit - but charging card

I keep attempting to deposit and ignition is saying it’s decline but the charge is going through on my card.

I’m sorry to hear your card was charged for a deposit you did not authorize.
It looks like you had some failed deposits that automatically tried again to be confirmed but as you did not approve them the deposits failed as a pre-authorization.

I don’t understand? My credit card was charged but the deposit is still not hitting my ignition account. Ignition was saying my card was declined but the charge is going through on my card. This happened about a week ago as well and I was later credited the money. I still have not been credited the money from those charges.

This will typically be a pre-authorization hold by your card provider.
Your card issuer sees you were trying to deposit and puts the funds on hold expecting the deposit to go through.
Once they realize that it didn’t go through, the funds will be released back to your card. Depending on your provider, that usually takes approximately 7-10 business days.

Can someone please send me a copy of all of the transactions including the dates and times? This has continuously happened for me and the charges do not get reversed and your team later puts the money in my ignition account. Please give me confirmation that either the money is not going to be taken or will be credited to my ignition account.

This has been sent via pm.

I would like someone to contact me and fix this issue. There have been numerous charges that have happened and still continue to happen where it does charge my card but ignition says it’s declined and it’s “just a hold” but then the charge ends up clearing on my card. It isn’t until much later I get contacted and get funds credited to my ignition account. This is very inconvenient. I would like ignition to either reverse my most recent charge attempt or credit the funds to my ignition account otherwise I will be forced to stop using this site altogether. I’ve also been cross checking my transaction history and am expecting credit for any missed charges as well. Please make this right by crediting my ignition account from my most recent attempt.

Hi @Donna1191,

You will need to email a running bank statement to This must include:

Bank logo
Client’s name
Full bank account number or Last 4 digits of Credit Card number
Statement running from the date of the withdrawal in question until present date.

Now I am having troubles withdrawing. When it says to enter the code from a text, it is not actually sending a code.

This is being looked into.

Please let me know if this is solved. It is inconvenient as I have to generate a new address each time.

@Donna1191 I believe you managed to make a withdrawal. If you still need assistance please let us know.

I tried to deposit but decline and it never happened

@crispianng kindly try another deposit method.