Defiantely not the Same

Im sorry but for some reason the game play is different. It’s not the same. You can’t win anymore. When it comes to today’s software there’s no such thing as Luck. We players get a feel after playing awhile. We know what to expect pretty much when we play. That’s when we notice a change in the game play. Like everybody else in this world they are not satisfy and want more for themselves and I believe that is what happened to ignition. Notice new games they released by different companies and they don’t pay. They know they are the king of online Poker,so im sure they are concentrating on their slots where most of the profits come from. I truly believe who have changed the payback percentage cause like everybody else in the world you want more. My last post never got posted because I cussed them out. I was upset when you lose 300 games straight in Keno betting $5 a game and one dollar there is something wrong with that picture. Not one win. How do you explain that and don’t be stupid and say well that’s gambling because it’s not. That is theft plain and simple. Anybody else experiencing the same thing or seen a change in ignition that’s for the worse?? Rant over


Unfortunately, I agree. Obviously I have no proof of this but the overwhelming amount of posts on here I’ve seen growing is a bad sign that you’re right…maybe. It’s also possible that we’re extremely unlucky and everyone who is irritated,me included, decide to post about it here. However, All I know is that when I signed up a year ago, my first week I won 1st place in a 1500 player field $10 buy in tourney for 2k and a 2nd place 900 player field $10 buy tourney for $900, these were both the same weekend that I signed up. A week later I hit the 2nd highest hand on deuces wild video poker for $800 betting 50cent…Ever since those 3 wins, I add money, win 30-40 bucks(If I’m lucky) then go straight to zero without more than a 5x win. I’ve played maybe 300-400 tourneys and final tabled ZERO of them…after winning and placing 2nd in 1500 player field games? IDK man…like I said, no proof but as you mentioned, you get a feeling and know you’re going to lose. Really unfortunate cause I like the platform. Who knows though…maybe we are legitimately unlucky lol it’s hard to tell.,…