Delayed ltc deposit

deposited yesterday with ltc and still not n my account it has been received by the address this site gave me to deposit in already. neen over 18 hrs !!! wheres my deposit yo??? @moderators

This is being worked on sorry for the delay.

so still delayed and no money in my account still going on 2 days now!

Their processor got their hot wallet drained, really should have been a message from them explaining this.

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Hi @JL8181, just for clarification are you still having issues with the deposit not being posted to your account?

i am still waiting on my deposit to b n my account 48 hrs ago was confirmed n received on the casino address but not showing n my accoint

Will PM you @Bitters82

I’ve had nor reported any personal issues.

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I deposited yesterday and still hasn’t showed. It cleared on my end. Customer support informed me that the money went to a third party and can’t help me. The website I was given doesn’t pull up anything. Anyone else have this problem: if so what do I do

I’m having the same problem. I was told it went to a 3rd party and nothing they could do about it. The website I was given doesn’t pull up. It seems extremely shady

Do you still need assistance?