Deposits and fees

So I deposited $30 and because Ignition charged me .44 I didn’t get my little bonus…what can I do about this please???

@jewell36 Remember that bitcoin fees are not charged by us or collected by us. These are the fees that bitcoin miners collect in order to confirm your transaction.

I’ll have a look into your account and send you a PM

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I didn’t get a PM

Sorry I thought you said you sent one…

Rule of thumb, if trying to get rewards for deposit (like the free 535 ticket), I calculate the base fees for conversion, buy (I use Coinbase), then figure the spend for miners fees. To deposit for 535 ticket, I generally go for a pull of 535 or higher, depending on BT currency.

For the other goodies, I like at least 40 for the deposit. Covers all contingencies.


Do not send directly from coinbase or any other crypto exchange to ignition or any online poker site. Instead use an intermediary wallet.


I do, I use blockchain, which negates lite coin.

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