Diamond reef slot problems

I was playing diamond slots this morning (mar15) around 3:30-4:00am and won tbe bonus(30free spins)but it froze and no matter how many times i exited amd went back wouldnt go past that,anyway called customer ser ice and she foynd it and tur ed it over to someone but when i wwnt back and checked it was working but my free spi s wwre gone and my balance was the same,i havent heard from anyone so just wamted to check on it ,ty

As I can see CS escalated this further for you.

I’m sorry to bother u again but I noticed that they credited my account 25 cents yesterday and Wondering if that’s from my bonus(30 free spins)I hope not,lol,but haven’t heard anything from them yet.I noticed that if I go to diamond reef it will complete a spin even though I have nothing in my account,and then freezes up until I exit and return,then completes a different spin,if I win anything it doesn’t go into account,but like I said my balance is zero starting out,I was thinking maybe that was my bonus round completing itself but I don’t think that is the case though because it looks like a regular spin,but this game has always given me problems for some reason,just hope they are able to see my free spins won and adjust my balance accordingly,the customer service person I first talked to said she could see the bonus I won and was turning it over to someone else so hopefully it is just taking longer than she informed me it would take,thank u for any help u can provide in this situation,

The ticket for your escalation is still open and waiting to be resolved. CS will reach out to you once an update is available.

I still hAve not heard anything about my bonus round winnigs,from diamond reef s it normal for this to take as long as it’s taking

This has been sent externally to the vendor, which is why it is taking a little longer than usual.
CS will reach out to you as soon as they get an update.

Still nothing on the diamond reef bonus?I know it’s probley out of y’all’s hands ,didn’t expect it would be this long,any help would be appreciated,ty

@Chrisxxx9876 I’m sorry about the delay with this. Our support team is still actively looking into this with the vendor but so far, we have no further updates that can be provided at the moment. We’ll keep you updated.

Thank you

I still have not heard anything about my bonus from diamond reef,is this normal for it to take this long?just wondering if they have forgotten about my issue,ty

Hi, this hasn’t been forgotten about. I have checked the ticket for you and we are still waiting on an update from the game vendor. As soon as an update is received CS will reach out to you.

Thank you

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