Didn’t receive my jackpot

Just want to know if this has happened to anybody else, and if so how did you approach it?
About a year ago, I was playing Amazon bingo on a dollar a ticket. **Killing it, like I always did back then. I was just hammering away on that button. Jackpot was 36,000$ I pushed play, and hit the bingo without even buying a ball. Not ever winning a jackpot before or playing online I did not know what to expect. So I ended up playing three more games before I contacted support. They tried to give me the run around, I was finally able to explain, what had happened without any argument. They tried to tell me that I did in fact get the bingo, but it was not within the first turn. I simply asked the lady. “Have you ever played bingo?” Because this is how it works…. If I did not get the bingo on the first turn then you should have seen the transactions from me buying the bingo ball, now in this lady’s defense she was puzzled. She then said I do see what you mean, I will give you a call back. After waiting for awhile, she finally called back and said that there was nothing she could do. After admitting that I in-fact legitimately won the $36,000 jackpot, she offered me a couple thousand for my troubles…
Pissed off in a rage I kindly told her to ram that couple thousand in her ass. Thinking I was $36,000 richer. I ended up blowing what money I did have on big bets. So I called them back, told them I was sorry for getting ripped off, and if the offer still stands I would take the hand out. Only to be really humiliated, she sent me $50.00 and tells me at least there is no play through.
Now, my question is:
Could there have been a better approach on my end? The only reason why I’m bringing this up now is because I have a been a die hard ignition player (refuse to play any other casino) but lately I am not getting the same loyalty out of them. The last couple times talking to customer service has been a joke, and winning a single dime or getting even a little bonus has been nearly impossible… don’t get me wrong, I have won jackpot after jackpot even after the bingo incident, but no body likes to get punked out for $36,000. And get treated like a haven’t dropped thousands into their casino. Rant over.