Disconnected and such

Yesterday I was disconnected or I’d get cut off and had it say my username was being used on a different computer and then I’d finally get back in the game and I had a mountain of a hand but the system had already folded me and kept me from winning. It ABSOLUTELY had an effect on whether or not I won a $10+$1 triple-up turbo sit & go.
I mean what’s the deal? I can’t remember which all tournaments it happened in but I’m not lying and I’d like this made right. Do I not need to deposit w y’all until your site is finally fixed? If so please just say so and that way I don’t have to be frustrated and you all do not have to deal w the more emotional much less patient way less smart version of myself.

I second that

@runpmc If this wasn’t already handled PM us the tourney details and we will take a look for you

Hey man we all have experience this and we all have our voices heard. Im not the only one saying this and its been others and ignition casino has to blame us like its our fault and we explained to the agents what happened did all the troubleshooting and everything and it still happening to me and others. In this time I have been playing poker i have lost poker tickets cause of these issues that all the poker players are telling this site about and it seems to be that no one is fixing this so the game stops all this disconnected from the games as soon as it starts and then we get that we never had the issues ignition casino agents say we was playing and that is totally not TRUE i have paid money to play just for ignition casino to call me a liar and say it was my fault not there’s and they cant reissue my tickets. I mean come on this needs fixed and we are all on the same issues that him, her me, my girlfriend, my friend all have been experiencing and yet its our fault hmm :thinking: really!!! Come on ignition get the site fixed so there are fun games with no issues in the games !!

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