Do jackpot sit n goes every award the full jackpot?

I’ve been playing here for quite awhile ((I’m about 2,000 miles away from diamond level)) and I’ve never seen a sit n go more than 5x. I’ve played every single one available, mostly the $2 and 7$, but I’ve never seen the full amount advertised hit.

I spend hundreds of dollars a day here, and I’m not getting anything worth mentioning.

Am I just unlucky or what?

The max jackpot happens 1 in 100,000 games so you obviously know what your chances are

If that is the case, why aren’t there more people on here talking about winning the jackpot?

And what happened to the random drops of ignition miles? I received one when I first started playing here, but haven’t received anything since. I’ll be a diamond tier player within a week and it would be nice to be appreciated. And it would be nice to think I was actually going to win something.

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ive seen the 30 dollar jackpot for $2 jackpot sit n go 3 times. i dont think ive played as many games as you though

same not once and chance of x15 is like more then half a year now…

I have seen the $30, the $60 and the $2.50 jackpot sit and go on the $0.50 buy-ins. The $40, $4 and $10 on the $2 buy-ins. The $100 on the $7. It was random, I was surprised to see that. I’ve been playing since December of last year. I have yet to see the max jackpot on them any of the $0.50 _ $600 , the $2 _ $2,400 , the $7 _ $8,400. But im sure it will come any time now before the second coming of Jesus. Who knows i might be playing against him :joy:

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