Easter at Ignition Casino

Easter :hatching_chick: is finally here tomorrow! Perfect opportunity for Ignition to show its appreciation for its loyal players. We sure could use a little love. Maybe one or more of the following…. :thinking:

Free spins with deposits? (As email advertised)
Superb deposit bonus with reduced rollover?
Raffle off a few JSNG tickets?

It has been over 7 months since there has been any rewards here on the forum. Moderators…. What do you think?


You are absolutely right they need to show some love.

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Most of us here losing money like crazy. The minimum they could do is throw us a bone once in a while


Lmao, are you serious. They can’t continue giving the rewards they offer, etc. I’m an IT tech and they literally tell me the issues are on my end. Been playing for 5 years on this site and the service to the customers, horrible lately. I haven’t made but one small deposit a while bc I was told the issue was fixed, sadly knowing it wasn’t and I REWARDED ignition, a gift obviously bc I clearly stated in chat that was making a deposit to play poker and didn’t want to play it through on something else, which is what happened. So instead of rewarding it back somehow. I’m told to chat, call and email, which all I have done. And still to this day, can’t login to poker. Missed all Freerolls since March 16 and a deposit after playing with ignition 5 years. Literally hours of chatting, aggravation. Really actually enjoyed the site, while loosing my money at one time but now to have me make a deposit for something and not be able to play and get NOTHING in return. Is incredible. Got hundred screenshots of the past 10 days of the chats etc.

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@moderators . Has anyone reviewed this?

They used to care about a year ago. I’m still hoping that the moderators haven’t fallen into as well. They used to help us with everything

There is nothing for us to review here.
We will pass on information regarding any promotions as and when we receive them.