Ethereum Questions

I recently saw that Ethereum was added as a withdrawal option. When gas fees are high will the fees be taken out of the withdrawal or will Ignition bear the cost of the gas fee?

I have another question.

I deposited for the free milly ticket using ethereum, it did not work.

Can someone help me, is this part of the bitcoin exclusive program?

@Regulated we send out the withdrawal with no fees attached, you may get fees added by your wallet provider.

@FutureInsights It looks like you did now receive the milly ticket.
Etherereum will qualify for the crypto lock rewards, I can see these were also added yesterday on 30th.

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I don’t believe your wallet charging you fees as the receiver of Ethereum is a thing that happens in an Ethereum transaction. The sender is responsible for the gas (transaction) fees.

I have another question about the withdrawal page for Ethereum. It says that I will need to change my address every time I receive a transaction. While this is a thing with bitcoin and easily done I don’t believe this is so easy with a metamask (Ethereum wallet). I thought you had to create an entirely different account in your metamask to get a new address. Unless I am missing something this would be a massive hassle for withdrawing Ethereum while not a problem for bitcoin.

@Regulated I’m sorry for the confusion. What @Davy meant is that we don’t charge any fees on the withdrawal that we collect from but yes, when we send out the transaction; fees are attached to help complete it just like the other cryptos.

As for the address, are you referring to your main log in address? Or every time you click on ‘request’ it is always the same address that is generated to have the funds sent to no matter if you used is already or not?

I am talking about my Ethereum address that I can give people to send Ethereum to my wallet. The address that I would put in the withdrawal page to give you guys the place to send the Ethereum. The withdrawal page says that I will need to provide a new address for every single withdrawal like is required with bitcoin. However with bitcoin wallets most automatically change the receiving address once bitcoin is received so this is not a problem to provide unique addresses for every withdrawal. This does not happen with Ethereum which is why I am concerned about withdrawing Ethereum.

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@Regulated Thank you. We’ll have a look into it

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@Foster, and @moderators

I have verified this to be correct. Seems to be a problem with all wallets. The only one generating for Ethereum in blockchain (exodus is worse, includes all bit coins) is the one I used to deposit with. looks like best to use BCH for withdrawals. Don’t think blockchain will let one open multiple accounts. I presume I can send with with same address?

I copied and pasted both addresses, so people should be careful sharing there Ethereum addresses, you only get one. :tired_face:

Hi @FutureInsights,

It seems like Blockchain only allows you to open one account, however, you would then need to use a unique address for every deposit or withdrawal.

A new address should be generated for every Crypto Currency transaction. Blockchain auto generates a new address once a payment is received to the wallet. If a wallet address is submitted on our site for a withdrawal and then you cancel the withdrawal, the wallet address would be considered used on our system, but wouldn’t auto-renew on Blockchain, since no payment was received.

Due to this, you would need to generate a new address to complete your withdrawal.

Below are the steps on how you may generate a new address on Blockchain:


• Click the cog icon on the top right

• Click on “wallet & address”

• Click on “manage” (on the right hand side)

• Click on “add next address”

Kindly note that you may only generate a new address on Blockchain using a desktop/laptop device. If you only have a mobile phone, then you can transfer from your exchange or get a friend to transfer into Blockchain to generate a new address.

Oh, but wait:

Receiving Ether
April 16, 2021 00:26
Are you looking to request ether from a friend? Follow the steps below for help getting started.

Click on Request and select Ether from the Currency drop-down menu.
Click Copy to copy your ether address to your clipboard and share it with the sender. Alternatively, the sender can scan the QR code shown below your address with their device. Please note: unlike with bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash, your wallet will only generate one ether address. Don’t worry, it can be reused an unlimited number of times.
Once finished, click Done or the X in the upper-right corner to close your Request window.
To monitor any incoming and outgoing ether transactions, visit your Ether tab in the left side navigation of your wallet

Also, there is no manage for Ethereum wallet and Stellar, only BTC nd BCH.

Thanks for the info provided.

For Bitcoin or Bitcoin Cash withdrawals you will always need a unique address. I will double check in regards to Ethereum withdrawals and keep you updated.

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Hoping you guys would look into that, thanks.

This tends to be the wallets, and not the exchanges, at least Coinbase.

Coinbase does generate a new address, but we still need to deal with intermediary wallets.

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Yes that’s correct. We always suggest that you use a Wallet to complete the transaction. I will try to get some clarification in regards to this and keep you updated.


If you require a new Ethereum address for every single withdrawal then you might as well remove it as an option. This is just not a realistic request for Ethereum transactions. Ethereum is different than bitcoin and should be treated as such in the withdrawal process.


@Regulated, mod indicating they might want for deposit as well, unsure.

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I am very concerned by this whole situation. I love Ethereum and would LOVE to be able to withdraw Ethereum regularly but it really seems like they did no research into how Ethereum actually works and just assumed it was exactly like Bitcoin.


Hi everyone,

We are still looking into this and once we have an update we will circle back here.


Is there any update on this? Withdrawing to ethereum is pretty pointless right now unless you want to make a new wallet each time.

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