Everyone beware something shady is going on here

I made a Bitcoin deposit and it has 6+ confirmations on the Blockchain already. This is where the foul play comes in I message the help center they say they see it on the Blockchain but will not give me my funds. They want me to wait 2 days for something that’s already been confirmed and they have received my deposit but yet refuse to give me my funds. What kind of place are they running here it’s going way down hill lately. I’m diamond player level and still get stole from after depositing regularly here so beware before you deposit here again just a heads up.

Hi @Cody_123,

This was handled via PM.

Just to add some context here, this was simply a technical error and we did resolve it after and apologize for the delay.

@krbflorida Can we please ask what you mean by we’ll just steal it as this simply isn’t true. Further, we don’t remove posts here unless they go against our Code of Conduct or Terms of Service even if critical. You can peruse multiple threads or posts on the Forum that have criticism and are still left up. Your current post is an example.

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Since the last maintenance also everything is far slower and shadier. And they’ve taken so much of the bonuses. Tier level birthday bonuses, min for weekly bonus, all bonuses are 35x rollover now

The birthday bonus has not changed and. I’m unsure of what weekly bonus you are referring to, and the majority of bonuses are 25x although this will vary.