Fairness and stability

To rate a players qualifications for free play with the ratios of withdrawals vs deposits is completely unfair. First, the site and the games have changed dramatically over the months and years. Second, It used to be much easier to win before the stability issues began then now. The sites have made the games much more difficult to win or to hit a bonus. Yet the site continues to judge a player’s worth with the ratio, withdrawals vs deposits


Nothing has changed in regards to RTP or winning so this is simply not true. Secondly, activity is one of many factors that are taken into account when deciding on additional bonuses. Note that these are exceptions to our promoted and written onsite benefits.

Further, every gaming industry website does take this into account in some respect. This is a normal industry item.

Activity, How? Your site has changed just as people change. Your games have changed, you eliminated the flash games which was a real changer and It’s obvious to every player that the return on games has changed dramatically. Most gambling sites promote the winners not the loser’s. You have said repeatedly that free bonuses belong to the losers not the winners. A Very odd philosophical mission for a gambling site to have. I know of no gambling online site that has this mission as a policy. I have been gambling online for years. Much of it on your site and, yes, it has changed. Not like it used to be.

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We have plenty of promotion of our winners, such as our big win gallery, and in our main actual onsite and promoted rewards program. Players earn reward points the longer they play with a certain amount of funds for our reward program which obviously increases as you win. The longer you play the more points you earn, and if you’re winning you would be playing more with those funds.

What you are stating here is only in regards to exception bonuses. Most gaming websites do not provide additional exception bonuses to accounts that are winning. These are generally reserved for times where a player has suffered losses to help them get back into the action. What you’re stating simply isn’t accurate.

I also don’t even believe that the majority of players share your sentiment. To confirm simply go to our recent compensation thread for the site issues to see how many players were arguing that they felt the compensation they received wasn’t enough as they had spent more funds on here than others and felt they deserved more or higher compensation than others had received. Again, what you’re arguing here is an industry standard item.

Honestly it’s very clear the games have been tightened. Or you guys lost so many players after the hack that there is no room to pay out the slots. Either way it’s changed.


Per usual. My biggest win in over 2 weeks…on a CS bonus with 5300 RO :joy:. Joke joke joke.

I lost $4k Friday and Saturday, all I was offered was a slap in the face with. $25.00 big ole dollars, I’m mean really?? I just lost $4 THOUSAND DOLLARS in less than 36 hours!! So don’t say bonus’s are for “ppl who suffered a loss to help them get back in action “. That’s Not at ALL how your bonuses work!! This site nor the sister sites are fair with players. And FYI that bonus that I got was strictly slot play yall have taken away my ability to play poker with bonus funds and that is all bonuses that I’m offered!! Now tell me how that’s FAIR!???

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Note that what you’ve stated above is completely in line with what I just posted in response to the player. As their argument was that compensation shouldn’t be based on losses or activity at all. In a sense you have pretty much proven my point.

However, at no point did I state what exact amounts would be offered nor that again this is all that is reviewed. Ultimately though what I’ve stated is still accurate and this is how it works. Whether you are happy or not with the amount provided back for losses suffered is another argument altogether. You still did receive compensation for a loss and seem to disagree with the OP who stated this shouldn’t be the case.

Also, I see that you received more than $25 during this timeframe.

The games are not fair! Really? You shouldn’t have to spin three or four hundred times before you hit a bonus.

So if the RTP is 96% on a particular slot and I bet a spin at $20.00 and then “win” let’s say $2.00 does the software or whatever consider that a win? Is any amount “won” no matter the bet size a win that contributes to the aforementioned 96%?

The slot would pay out $96 for every $100 wagered.
Obviously it doesn’t work that way as its calculated over a long period of time.
But it will basically keep 4% of all money that is played.

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The reason your losing money is because the $100-$200 spinners are eating the wins. Slots are a rich man’s game.

LOL! Come on man, no one believes this to be a fact. All but the dumbest of us know that the RTP is changing constantly. Too be honest about it, any online site would have to be pretty dumb not to do that if losses are mounting up. No oversight allows that. That said, if we still choose to play here as I do, it is on the player who made the choice.

@Davy was responding to an example created by a player above so what they stated is definitely accurate considering the context. Further, again we don’t change our games stated RTP’s. They remain as they are in the rules.

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The reason why my withdrawals are greater then my deposits is because I don’t use cash deposits on a regular basis. If I can deposit enough cash to satisfy myself I will simply make a clean deposit. In that case I can withdraw whenever I want and I do that when I want to fatten my bankroll. In that case, yes, withdrawals will exceed deposits but is it fair?? It is simply a testament to the unfair cash bonuses that the site offers. You also can’t play the hot drop games with a cash bonus. The system is poor and the winners deserve more respect.

Your best bet for withdrawal is not to use any cash bonus. The cash bonus is designed to steal your money. I only use it if my deposit is very low and consider the cash deposit a possibility to clear the play through.

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Here again talking about RTP. The last two weeks have been totally murder on slots. Right after the "interruption’ when the site was no doubt losing cash flow? Coincidence? But, once again, if I am dumb enough to keep throwing money at it, no ones fault but mine. I think it is time I consider another site for awhile. I hate to do it, after almost 20 years of the reincarnations of this site, but, I really question the management of this group in the past couple of weeks. Something smells.

Your words ring true with me. The site has been meddled with. I used to have so much fun here and made some nice cash. Now, I can’t even hit a bonus. Thanks for the post!

So, even though I made deposits this week the only perk I received was the automatic crypto exclusive bonus. That’s it! I got nothing but no from the robot chat people. What waste of time they are!

Just wanted to share my latest experience with customer service. I was playing my free spins on Pandas and I noticed my balance was changing on each spin, you’d think this would be a good thing, but I noticed on non-winning spins my balance would go down. I know it’s only change but I had $14 and some change when I started and by the time i finished all the “free spins” I had $13.60 or .65 something close to that. I had screen shots of all of this, I also had a video that I didn’t share with customer service because honestly what’s the point. I also mentioned game freezing and getting the error reload page after spinning a few times. I also informed them that i cleared cache, cookies, was using incognito and blah blah blah and their response was, "As per system logs, you redeemed and used Pandas Go Wild Free Game on 6/24/22 from 3:03:25 AM GMT-4 until 3:08:0 AM GMT-4. After this timeframe, you used your accout balance.
For future references, we recommend you follow the next steps:
1- Please use Google chrome in an incognito/private window.
2- Delete the browser history since the beginning.
3-Clear website/mobile Cache
Turn off the WiFi and turn off the mobile data or vice versa.
4- Disconnect the router for 90 seconds and let it rest and finally turn it on again.
5- Try to use a different device.
6- Install Alternate Browser Update or Install Flash
Obviously not satisfied with their answer i asked for them to explain to me in great detail how my browser let’s free spins deduct money from my remaining balance while using my “free spins” and the response was, "We totally understand your concern about this. The solution might be as simple as clearing your browser’s cache and cookies as this won’t stop the free spin if case you are facing an inconvenience like this.

We also suggest opening up your Google Chrome browser in Incognito Mode and accessing the website from there. To do so, hit CTRL-SHIFT-N on your keyboard, or select ‘New Incognito Window’ from the Menu button at the top right of your browser.

If you continue to experience issues with the site, let us know we’ll look into why that could be happening."
I wasn’t asking for anything other than an explanation on how my internet or browser could cause such an issue.