Fastest way to withdraw using crypto

What’s the fastest way to withdraw on Ignition? Does every option make you go through a 3 day wait period + the crypto transfer time? Is bitcoin the best crypto to do it with. Ty in advance, im sure this question has been asked multiple times but maybe the options have changed in 2023.

Yes, in my experience Bitcoin is the fastest withdrawal. I usually have mine within an hour or so. It was once aboutba day wait, then a 2nd withdrawal would take about 3 days if it were within a day of the first. Now, anytime i do a withdrawal, i have it within an hour. I did several a few weeks ago and none took more than an hour. All bitcoin. 2 yesterday and had within the hour. Hope that helped.

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I don’t remember what it is like to withdraw anymore. I would follow the advice provided by @lordjoyner


I can tell you the fastest way to make your account say $0. Just play for about 2 minutes and you should have no problems at all.


how much are you withdrawing? Are any 1K or more? Im going on the second day waiting on my 1k withdraw. Now I cant find my transaction in my history and even worse, they sent me an email that shows a wallet address that is not mine. Are you kidding me? Im getting my money, this is ridiculous.


Sorry to hear about this, I see this has already been addressed and discussed with CS.

In the future is there a way to pay an extra couple dollars out of my withdraw so that it’s sent with higher fees so it will be confirmed faster?

I just submitted a withdrawal that Ignition sent to the blockchain with a transaction fee that is less than half of what the recommended fee is right now and now blockchain is estimating 24hrs+ until confirmation.

This wouldn’t be possible unfortunately

Thanks for the quick response Davy. I’ve never had an issue like this before but for some reason Ignition sent it with a very low transaction fee and the estimated time to confirmation is 24-48 hours :disappointed:

As far as I am aware the fees are always the same, but of course it could be down to the volume of transactions, so it may be delayed.

Recommended transaction fees vary depending on the volume of the blockchain. This transaction was sent with 5 satoshis per byte lower than the recommend fee right now by the blockchain. So now it’s like 60000th in the queue. It is what it is. Idk why I didn’t choose Ethereum. :man_facepalming:

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36 hours later and now my transaction is still 50K in the queue and showing it’s still gonna be at least another 24-48 hours until it’s confirmed. I really don’t understand why ignition would’ve sent a transaction to the blockchain with a fee that was half of what was recommended. :man_facepalming:

Meanwhile I submitted a withdrawal on another online site this morning and received it within an 51 minutes. I understand the blockchain is experiencing a ridiculous amount of volume right now but if it was sent with the appropriate fee then I would’ve waited a couple hours at most.

Now there are thousands of transactions coming in with the recommended transaction fees that just get bumped in front of mine. This is likely gonna take another 3-5 days before it gets confirmed. Literally another $0.71 worth of fees would’ve avoided all this. Thank you ignition.

@TheChef82 transaction has been processed from our end, at this point, there’s nothing we can do.

I’m aware of that, thank you. My issue is the way it was processed. Sent with the bare minimum fee to a blockchain that’s congested. It was sent with a fee that was less than half of what the recommended see was so now I’m going to have wait several days before it’s confirmed. Thanks