Festival of Felt

The festival has begun.

Qualifiers are going on as we speak for the 12 days of Turbo.

Some quick notes for the 12 days of Turbo:

  • From December 4th to 15th.
  • Over 2.5 million in guarantees.
  • The main event will be on Sunday, December 12th ($250 + $20 buy-in with 12 re-entries) with $121,212 in guaranteed prizes.

Then keep going with our Holiday Series and qualifiers starting on December 16th

  • From December 26th to January 6th.
  • Over 4 million in guarantees.
  • The main event will be on Sunday, January 2nd ($250 + $20 buy-in with 2 re-entries) with 150,000 in guaranteed prizes.

Let us know if you have any questions and would love to hear from everyone and how you’re doing in the tournaments.


I tried to respond to the thread with this but was unable too so I created my own thread. Why are there no PLO8 events included in the festival of felt? PLO8 finally has started to be added to the mad monday events but they are still being left out of the other special tournament series like this one.

PLO has 3 events for the festival of felt while PLO8 has none. How does this make any sense?

We can forward this to our team and see if something can be worked in

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Any good hits or runs in 12 Days of Turbo?