Finding active spins?

Is there any way it is possible for customer suport to see if there are any slots that you are curently in the middle of a spin that didnt finsh that you got disconected from. For instance I have clicked on a several times and it finish completing a spin. The last time it happend i had not played in a week or two and my balance was zero so i checked a few of the recient ones i rememberd playing reicently just. In hopes and I clicked on one that was for a $5 spin and won like $20 on it. I have loaded games before and it be in the middle of just a 0.2 bet , and hit bonus freespins…just curious if they can see it somehow without me have to load every slot in the casino to check?


Good question! I have rage quit quite a few games myself only to come back and see that I quit on a bonus spin hahaha

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Hi @Jerm12, if you’re in the middle of the free spins and they were not finished, from our end we’ll see how many spins were played and how many is left. If it was a regular spin and disconnection or malfunction happened we’ll see that from our end as well. Usually when you reload the game it continues from where you left.

I was wonderi g about the games that i forgot and dont know about. Could i contact support and the tell me what games if any at the moment that have been disconected during a spin?

This wouldn’t be possible I’m afraid. You need provide the information such as exact game, date and time (EST), bet amount and account balance at the moment of the issue to us or CS so we can provide an assistance.