Finding active spins?

Is there any way it is possible for customer suport to see if there are any slots that you are curently in the middle of a spin that didnt finsh that you got disconected from. For instance I have clicked on a several times and it finish completing a spin. The last time it happend i had not played in a week or two and my balance was zero so i checked a few of the recient ones i rememberd playing reicently just. In hopes and I clicked on one that was for a $5 spin and won like $20 on it. I have loaded games before and it be in the middle of just a 0.2 bet , and hit bonus freespins…just curious if they can see it somehow without me have to load every slot in the casino to check?


Good question! I have rage quit quite a few games myself only to come back and see that I quit on a bonus spin hahaha

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Hi @Jerm12, if you’re in the middle of the free spins and they were not finished, from our end we’ll see how many spins were played and how many is left. If it was a regular spin and disconnection or malfunction happened we’ll see that from our end as well. Usually when you reload the game it continues from where you left.