Free spin in casino

I have been playing for a while, and have never seen a “free spin” tag on a casino game…has anyone.

Can believe this hasn’t been jumped on yet. I’ve been playing for years, gambled tons of money, and not once have I seen a free spin tag on any slot.

I have gotten the occasional free chip. The last one was for $100 but the rollover is 35x, I have NEVER gotten close ton winning $3500 playing slots so it is kind of a joke.

Are slot “Free Spins” something Ignition has advised they provide? If so I wasn’t aware they did that, and obvi I’ve never received it myself. (Just to clarify this would be a random “bonus” awarded for use on a certain slot, and unrelated to any particular slot session correct?)

@ Ignition Team / Forum Mods - Can you confirm if random free spins are provided to certain casino members and how they are distributed if so?

Presently, we don’t have any ongoing promotions involving free spins that are credited. However, it’s certainly something that can be looked into for future offerings.

If you’re looking for free spins or any type of Bonus then Ignition and it’s affiliated sites aren’t for you. That’s one of the biggest drawback of these sites is the lack of player appreciation.



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Thanks for the prompt response Sam. However I think it’s safe to say that the lack of WORTHWHILE rewards/bonuses for Ignition players is a recurring theme across many of this forums threads. Even if the % of Ignition players on the forum’s on the low end (confirmed based on previous threads) I think it’s safe to say this is likely a sentiment shared by a large majority of Ignition players.

I don’t say this to bad mouth the site, as I do enjoy playing here, but I do think the lacking reward system could easily cause myself and other long term/loyal members to open accounts on a competitors site who offers more attractive bonuses. (Please note I’m well aware of Ignitions current rewards; Cash back losses, deposit bonuses, poker tournament tix, etc. - so pleas don’t use those as examples of how you compensate us :grin:)

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I’ve read up on this as well and never seen any free spin tag on any of the games. But in terms of free spins, my boyfriend has gotten promotions or bonuses for free spins on certain games through email. For instance, tonight he got an email for 40 free spins for the 777 slot game but I’ve never received anything like that. Why is it that only certain players receive bonuses or some sort of free play through email? How do I become eligible to receive these emails? I feel like I’ve played enough & spent enough money to receive something like that.

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Really?? I have NEVER gotten an email offering me free spins on any slot game.

I have the same question… How do I become eligible to receive these emails with free spins?

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As a matter of fact I always wondered the same thing. But the other day I have finally received, after a long while, my first email promotion and it actually came as a double free play and free spins. So thank you ignition casino. I appreciate very much.

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i recieved 40 free spins after complaining aut not recieving weekly bonus or sign up procedure ect bank card Bb LOCKS, i didnt know how to get the spins so they gave 40 spins at 50c reporting 30as my total and abut 5$ after

5$ total for the next 50spins of my own $ however 2 times i started with 26$ and won up to 800$ with the 26$
later i see the main issue is i bet and hit the same lines and the payout is 1/2 what it was in the first 3 deposits

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I never got free spins why do I not get this I have been playing for 2 years

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Ive never saw a free spin tag or got any promo email. it sucks that the people who dont play get the promos as bait. but the full time fish dont get anything :worried:


Not exactly accurate

I have gotten a few no deposit bonuses but I have lost tens-of-thousands playing at Ignition but they always have a 35x play-through so a “free” $100 = gambling/winning $3500 first before $1 becomes your own.

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Ya I’m feeling rather raped as of late as well over it

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What do you have to do to get free spins, I’m game to do it lol