Game messed up and didn’t pay me

So this game I was playing ceasers empire screwed up. I don’t know exactly how long it was having the issue but what I noticed happening was that my wins were not being added to my total and the amount in my bank stayed the so I started a screen recording and I recorded problem. I had just gotten done Chatting with Customer Service for over an hour about win I was not paid for and then this happened customer service never came or even responded to my problem I have emailed and gone through all the proper channels and I’m just being ignored. This is very uncool and something I would think they would like to know about and remedy considering it undermines the integrity of their business
Very upset and just about ready to flip

Can you provide more details regarding this as much of what you’ve stated here doesn’t seem to be accurate. We would need the exact day and timeframe of the issue as on our end we do not see any time that you played Caesar’s Empire today or in the last 24 hours. Also, we do see you awaiting an update on some game issues, but they seem to be related to Reels and Wheels from a few days ago.

We also don’t see any issues with any of your current payments as all your history does track on our end. Note that our customer service email queue does generally take from 24-48 hours, and we also see that you did in fact receive compensation/a bonus from the chat you had earlier this morning so you aren’t being ignored here.

I understand if you’re frustrated and will gladly look into this for you, can you please PM us the video recording you have of this?